‘No Country For Old Men’ by Cormac McCarthy

I finally finished No Country for Old Men and only because I’m currently on vacation and made myself finish it. It’s just, the story isn’t for me, not at all and I took five months off from actually finishing it which is pretty bad even for me. By the end I didn’t give a damn […]

‘Tortilla Flat’ by John Steinbeck

I managed to cross off another book from my Reading Classics list which is awesome. High five, self! The story with this book is, I first read it in 10th grade. In fact, I have a very specific memory of sitting in front of my first period classroom, it was shortly before the summer holidays, […]

‘Shirley’ by Charlotte Brontë

Well, it only took me 5,000 years to finish ‘Shirley’ by Charlotte Brontë. Granted, the novel is pretty long and I got sidetracked by shiny things, such as Harry Potter over Christmas, but let’s not dwell on that. At long last, I made it through. And I liked it. Granted, it’s a bit difficult when […]