Yesterday I wrote about how I was scared because of violence everywhere. More extremists, more fear mongering. Today a friend of mine was close to the (one of the / at the moment it is not clear how many there were) shooter in Munich. My friend is okay but since I learned about this shooting […]

nothing to say

I have nothing to say; nothing of sustenance anyway. I thought I’d have all the things to write about during vacation and while the creative atmosphere of spending 8 days with professional classical musicians was very stimulating, I ended up not writing anything. I came home and I still don’t know what to write. It’s […]

A first one

Anything needs a beginning, so does this blog. I’ve been toying around with this idea for quite a while and as can be seen, I came to a conclusion! What triggered this emotion was the shooting in Norway. After I saw the newscasts and specials on TV I felt that 140 characters on Twitter were not […]