fiction vs. reality

Today has not been a good day. It started out wonderfully but deteriorated from that very quickly and I’ve been trying to navigate my own feelings ever since. A big part of my 20s has been watching the people I love – those closest to me – deteriorate and die. I don’t know what that […]

not being my mom

My parents weren’t happy, I don’t know what happy, loving parents are like because I never experienced that. Sure, I was immensely loved by Mom and Grandma but my parents didn’t set a good example for what a healthy and stable relationship looks like. I understand how it’s not fair to blame everything on my […]

let’s talk periods

Nope, I don’t want to talk about the way you end a sentence, I want to talk about menstruation, a thing some women love to talk about while the majority of us (at least I’m assuming it’s the majority because I consider myself part of it and I’m always the deciding factor when it comes […]