watching Gilmore Girls

Next Friday we will get four new Gilmore Girls episodes so I’ve been rewatching the whole series for the last couple of weeks and it strikes me again and again how much the whole Emily-Lorelei-Rory dynamic was/is like Gran-Mom-Me. I started watching Gilmore Girls the minute it was released in Germany which was after season […]

four years

I’m writing this on the eve of September 13th; four years ago today I came back from a three week vacation in Canada. Bestfriendboy picked me up from the airport, I went home and then to see mom in the palliative facility she was at. I stayed for a while until my jet lag finally […]

what i do deserve

Last night I finished reading ‘If I Was Your Girl’ by Meredith Russo, a story about a mtf trans girl going through her teenage years and it left me in a small existential crisis. Well, maybe not an existential crisis but it dumped some truth bombs over my head that made me go all feelsy. […]