watching Gilmore Girls

Next Friday we will get four new Gilmore Girls episodes so I’ve been rewatching the whole series for the last couple of weeks and it strikes me again and again how much the whole Emily-Lorelei-Rory dynamic was/is like Gran-Mom-Me. I started watching Gilmore Girls the minute it was released in Germany which was after season […]


Yesterday I wrote about how I was scared because of violence everywhere. More extremists, more fear mongering. Today a friend of mine was close to the (one of the / at the moment it is not clear how many there were) shooter in Munich. My friend is okay but since I learned about this shooting […]

school vs. family

I am SO angry right now which is why I have to blog about it before I can go to sleep because I know it would just keep me up way past my bedtime if I don’t get this out. So, I watched a video on Facebook suggesting that schools need to get (back?) into […]