watching Gilmore Girls

Next Friday we will get four new Gilmore Girls episodes so I’ve been rewatching the whole series for the last couple of weeks and it strikes me again and again how much the whole Emily-Lorelei-Rory dynamic was/is like Gran-Mom-Me. I started watching Gilmore Girls the minute it was released in Germany which was after season […]

TTT – favourite tv shows

Another Tuesday, another Top Ten post linking up with The Broke and the Bookish only this time, it’s a bit different as I’m not listing anything book related but my top ten favourite tv shows instead. The West Wing I’m not going to rank these shows because that would be too difficult. No list of […]

Winning Adulthood … Or Not?!

Like any self-respecting 20-something blogger I struggle with the concept of adulthood in one form or another. Most days I consider myself a failure at being grown-up. I eat all kinds of shit and not the most appropriate things in regard to the time of day, watch too much telly and dress in all colours […]