Yesterday I wrote about how I was scared because of violence everywhere. More extremists, more fear mongering. Today a friend of mine was close to the (one of the / at the moment it is not clear how many there were) shooter in Munich. My friend is okay but since I learned about this shooting […]

a reunified Germany

Earlier this year, a coworker of mine went on maternity leave and I took over a bulk of her clients, one of them being a local company which also has daughter company in the former  German Democratic Republic (GDR). This means, I’ve traveled to this client in the east twice now and it always leaves […]

some thoughts on #EqualPayDay

Today marks the yearly installment of Equal Pay Day – a day on which we come together and share our opinions on why the gender wage gap is still a thing; how we can change it being a thing; and that it isn’t so bad after all. Everyone has an opinion and I tried staying away […]