‘Points of Departure’ by Emily O’Beirne

This book found me at the right time. I read ‘Points of Departure’ by Emily O’Beirne while being on vacation and I actually read most of it while sitting at the airport in Trondheim, Norway, because I got their stupidly early. But it was very fitting since this is a travel story of five Australian […]

i’m scared

You know what? I’m scared. I’m scared of what is happening in the world right now because it’s crazy and reminding me of every dystopian novel I have ever read and those stories never turned out so well for the people in it. Almost every day there is a mass shooting in the US or […]

Proud to be European #Eurovision

If you don’t live completely off grid, you know that Saturday marked the day all of Europe came together to celebrate their musical atrocities in this years gay musical olympics Eurovision Song Contest. It’s a magical time, let me tell you! After Emmelie de Forest won last years Contest for Denmark, we found ourselves in […]