four years

I’m writing this on the eve of September 13th; four years ago today I came back from a three week vacation in Canada. Bestfriendboy picked me up from the airport, I went home and then to see mom in the palliative facility she was at. I stayed for a while until my jet lag finally […]

fiction vs. reality

Today has not been a good day. It started out wonderfully but deteriorated from that very quickly and I’ve been trying to navigate my own feelings ever since. A big part of my 20s has been watching the people I love – those closest to me – deteriorate and die. I don’t know what that […]

a study in death

It’s no secret I have a difficult time letting go of certain things. It’s usually the weird ones, like a worn pair of shoes. It’s the little things that escape my rational brain which I end up irrationally attached to. I’m not a plant person. The only things I managed to keep alive over the […]