Disney (Wednes)Day: Planes

The second to last Disney release (and also second to last Disney film in this little project) of 2013 is Planes, which lives in the same universe as the Cars movies. The movie starts with there planes racing through the sky. One of them is different than the other two (give me a break, I […]

Disney (Wednes)Day: Cars 2

Five years after Pixar released Cars, Cars 2 saw the light in 2011.     The movie starts with a red car that isn’t Lightning McQueen requesting backup over a video feed?! I don’t really know what’s going on here. Anyway, the connection is lost. Next thing we know, a small boat is at sea. […]

Disney (Wednes)Day: Cars

The last theatrical release of 2006 was Cars and I understand that it was quite successful because there is a Cars 2 waiting for me down the line. I was a little bit put off at first when I saw the movie was almost 2 hours long. That’s a lot for Disney. So here we […]