four years

I’m writing this on the eve of September 13th; four years ago today I came back from a three week vacation in Canada. Bestfriendboy picked me up from the airport, I went home and then to see mom in the palliative facility she was at. I stayed for a while until my jet lag finally […]

2015 – a year in review

I know I’m late but I spent my Christmas holiday rereading all seven Harry Potter books so I didn’t have a lot of time to write blog posts or clean the house or do much of anything. As per usual, I can only remember a fraction of what I did this year. I remember the […]

scientification of feelings

A long time ago a boy I was good friends with at the time told me he loved me. I didn’t reciprocate those feelings and he seemed okay with it but also, I felt hella weird around him from that day on and our ways drifted farther apart ever since. I’m not sure why I felt […]