30 Days of Books – Day 30

Your favourite book of all time Previously: A book everyone hated but you liked Alas, I made it, Day 30! I hope you enjoyed these past 29 days as much as I did. Onto the last instalment, my favourite book of all time. Hmmmm. I’m going with Little Women & Good Wives by Louisa May […]

30 Days of Books – Day 29

A book everyone hated but you liked Previously: Favourite title Again I’m digging way back into my days as a schoolgirl. In grade 10 we had to read Katz und Maus (Cat and Mouse) by G√ľnther Grass in german lit.   Most of my classmates hated this book but I didn’t. It is vulgar at […]

30 Days of Books – Day 28

Favourite title Previously: The most surprising plot twist or ending Finally an easy choice again!! One of Our Thursdays is Missing by Jasper Fforde.   I already told you that the Thursday Next series is my favourite, so no shock there. This is a book from the sequel to the original series. To me, they […]