London 2.0

When I planned my trip to London at the beginning of this year, I had no idea I would be returning to this city so shortly thereafter but here I am. Last weekend I went back to visit London for 2 short days but mostly to meet up with Kirsti. You clearly have to take […]

home is where the heart is

I love going away; embarking on adventures; discovering new cities; and meeting old and new friends but there is just something to coming home. It hits me every time when I’m on the highway leading me back to the city I was born in. The road has small curves and it goes downhill a bit, […]

summer sang in me, a little while

It is no secret that I love traveling and I’m suffering from wanderlust. This blog may not be enough of a testament to that but it’s true. The number of times I check up on travel related things at work is ridiculous and I can only hope that my boss doesn’t care for tracking any […]