Disney (Wednes)Day: Monsters Univesity

In 2013 Disney, or better yet Pixar, released the prequel to the 2001 Monsters Inc. movie. Naturally, I did not make the connection and thought this movie was a sequel with the sons of the main characters from Monsters Inc. Oh well! The movie opens with a bunch of little monsters on a field trip. […]

Disney (Wednes)Day: Wreck-It Ralph

The last theatrical release from Disney in 2012 was Wreck-It Ralph. This one mostly slipped under my radar until I decided to do this project so I don’t have many expectations or anything else about it. So let’s start with the movie. Ralph introduces himself via voice over. He’s the bad guy in an arcade […]

Disney (Wednes)Day: Frankenweenie

Frankenweenie is the second Tim Burton movie I have to watch for Disney Day so I’m curious how I will feels about this one from 2012. The movie starts with people watching a 3D movie but everything is in black and white. The movie inside the movie looks like a kid’s production, specially when a […]