i’m scared

You know what? I’m scared. I’m scared of what is happening in the world right now because it’s crazy and reminding me of every dystopian novel I have ever read and those stories never turned out so well for the people in it. Almost every day there is a mass shooting in the US or […]

school vs. family

I am SO angry right now which is why I have to blog about it before I can go to sleep because I know it would just keep me up way past my bedtime if I don’t get this out. So, I watched a video on Facebook suggesting that schools need to get (back?) into […]

what i do deserve

Last night I finished reading ‘If I Was Your Girl’ by Meredith Russo, a story about a mtf trans girl going through her teenage years and it left me in a small existential crisis. Well, maybe not an existential crisis but it dumped some truth bombs over my head that made me go all feelsy. […]