[guest post] the resident frenchman’s christmas post

Today’s guest post is courtesy to another friend I made through Snark Squad. Technically his name is Clément but since his Twitter handle had the Polge first when we first me, he will forever be Polge for me. We actually met in Paris, earlier this year and I learned the correct pronunciation of his last name. (I still use […]

[guest post] southern christmas season

Ashlea and I met through Snark Squad a while ago. Time moves differently while online but she is a great friend who loves Buffy and books so obviously we were destined to become friends. I asked her for a take on Southern Christmas, since she lives in South Carolina. When she isn’t blogging for me, you can find […]

[guest post] the reason for the season

Last year my bloggy BFF Anju and I exchanged Christmas guest posts on our blogs (you can read hers here and mine by following this link.) Out of that, I had the idea to expand on this series for the coming year and I asked a couple of other blog friends to write about Christmas […]