I’m not sure what to write on my ‘About’-page because I don’t want it to be boring or standard because while I can be a tad boring I am definitely not a standard person (Let me check that again very quickly…nah, definitely not standard or normal. See!). If you don’t believe me, well then I can’t help you.

I am as clueless a blogger as I am about living my life. It makes it more fun though, not knowing where you’re headed and let’s be honest, nobody really knows what life will throw at them.

I squee with delight when it snows, have a slight(!) obsession with striped socks and don’t see myself as a grown-up woman at all despite the fact that I’m a late 20-something. There’s always a melody caught on my mind that I tend to sing out loud when I believe there is no one listening or just don’t care if there is.  I love books and TV shows and live too much on the internet for my own good.

The name of this blog is actually a pretty accurate description of the moods I go through in a day, or maybe just a few hours, depending on what kind of day it is.

I try to be an optimist but I’m only an optimistic-realist on my best day and a pessimist on my worst.

I studied Industrial Engineering at a German University and am currently working as a safety engineer for a local company. As you may guess, English is not my first language and I still live in my non-english speaking home-country so please keep that in mind while reading my posts. If you find a typo, it’s yours to keep.

Please feel free to comment or follow this crazy ride, some people may call life. Don’t forget to fasten your seatbelt because the way is most likely to be a bumpy one while we find out together where I’m headed, because I have no idea where this is going!

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