‘Clancy of the Undertow’ by Christopher Currie

So my friend Kirsti reviewed ‘Clancy of the Undertow’ a while ago but said, it was fairly Australian and she wasn’t sure how that would fare outside of Australia. I was still very curious about the book but filed it away for later. Imagine my surprise when I browsed Netgalley to find a “read this now without having to jump through a millionty hoops” button so I clicked it and excitedly began to read my ARC.

Source: Goodreads
Source: Goodreads

Clancy is a unique character, she lives in this deadbeat town with her parents, one older and one younger brother. Then her father is involved in a roadside accident and the whole town thinks it’s his fault so they start treating the entire family like criminals and murderers. And in the midst of all of that, Clancy has a ginormous crush on the town’s pretty girl.

I couldn’t put the story down because it was written so well and because there actually was story. Multiple threads of story to┬ábe precise. There’s quite a lot going on which is good and it made this book not be one about being gay. Clancy happens to be gay but that’s not the premise of the book and I want more books like that.

Clancy’s parents aren’t that well off and struggle through life which felt rather familiar to me. She doesn’t live the great lifestyle which just made this story feel more authentic in my opinion. It’s not all roses and sunshine all the time but, guess what, so is real life.

I really enjoyed getting to know Nancy and her mother and part of me wished, the two had been in the story more. Especially Nancy, I wanted to know more about her background and why she was bullied back at her old school.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it will definitely go into my rotation of recommendations. Part of that is because it’s Australian and just like with everything else, the literary market is so full of American books, it’s great to promote those from other countries, especially when they’re as well written as this one. Plus, the cover and title are just gorgeous. Seriously, can you have a crush on a book title because I think I do. Also, also, as a German reader, I may not have gotten every reference but I don’t get them all in American books either so I didn’t even register that. Maybe this is more of an issue for Americans who are used to reading mostly books set in their own country. That’s not the case for me though.

At the end, I sat on my bed after finishing the book, hugging my kindle because I needed to keep the book close to my heart for just a little while longer.

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