‘No Country For Old Men’ by Cormac McCarthy

I finally finished No Country for Old Men and only because I’m currently on vacation and made myself finish it. It’s just, the story isn’t for me, not at all and I took five months off from actually finishing it which is pretty bad even for me.

Source: Goodreads

By the end I didn’t give a damn about the story anymore and I just kept on reading, partially not even registering what I was reading but I’m okay with that. I guess people usually gripe with the format it is written in as McCarthy doesn’t use punctuation for direct speech and also doesn’t use these apostrophes in don’t and won’t and that sort. Surprisingly though, that didn’t bother me. It’s something my head can easily work around and the southern accent this is written in, well, my brain just corrected the grammar while reading and it didn’t bother me too much.

The story itself though. Oy. It starts with Moss finding a lot of cash after a drug deal he wasn’t in went south. He takes the money and the starts a manhunt that spans most of the book as there are several groups after him and the money.

The points of view change in┬áthe chapters and it was sometimes difficult for me to remember which character this was supposed to be. Plus most of it is just shooting, running away and hiding. I didn’t find anything remarkable or interesting about this story. To me it felt like such a guy book and not in a good way. I also don’t see what this book was supposed to tell me as I’m sure it’s one of those that’s supposed to leave you thinking or learning something new. Whoops. Didn’t work for me.

Also, I somehow thought this was a book published at least in the 80s or even older but it was written and released in 2005. Another whoops.

In total, this didn’t work for me at all and I’m glad it is finally over and I can move on to more enjoyable reads.

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