‘An Epilogue to Innocence’ by Tim Baughman jr.

‘An Epilogue of Innocence’ is a collection of short stories. I received this as an ARC through Tim directly, as I am a long time follower of his blog where he originally published some of the stories.

Source: Goodreads

It took me a while to write this review because of real-life troubles as well as having mixed feelings about the collection. There are some stories I enjoyed, mainly Soma which I already knew and liked before it was put into this book. I do think Tim’s style works really well for this story. And there is a short drabble about a first day, the name of the story eludes me right now, but it made me smile.

With most of the other stories I struggled, mainly with style because it was a lot of tell and I understand that short stories can follow somewhat different rules than say, a novel. Still, the stories could have used more time to breathe, more space in general and you get that by actually showing what is happening instead of explaining what is happening. I know from my own experience, that is difficult to do but it can and should be done.

Another thing I struggled with was the queer sociopathic character in the biggest story. I knew what was coming because it was one of Tim’s previously published stories on his blog and I really did like the beginning but not the end of it. It just didn’t sit right with me.

I finished this story collection about a week ago and still don’t really know where to put it. But hey, the cover is really nice. I did that very much.

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