2015 – a year in review

I know I’m late but I spent my Christmas holiday rereading all seven Harry Potter books so I didn’t have a lot of time to write blog posts or clean the house or do much of anything.

As per usual, I can only remember a fraction of what I did this year. I remember the big stuff, like finally finishing my work training and being able to call myself a safety engineer. So that’s cool. I also traveled a fair bit. I went to an early music course as an auditor in Norway together with bestfriendboy. Later in the year, I traveled to the US for the first time and met up with a whole bunch of blogger friends, most notably Sheryl and Katherine in Boston.

Overall my year felt rather meh, it started out pretty strong but went to meh sometime around May when I first joined tinder which in return made me freak out about my status as a virgin. I deleted tinder and spend a couple of months trying to work my head around why this bothers me so much. I’m not sure I made any actual progress there but at least I allowed myself to tell some friends about this who have been super helpful and not at all repulsed because I’m a dumb, silly girl. And then I rejoined tinder later that year and it went better for a while but it’s not like there’s an overabundance of queer women I have access to around here so nothing much has happened on that front.

Once summer arrived, and it was an unusually dry and warm summer for this region, I struggled more through the year than ever for various reasons and I believe part of the problem was grandma’s fluctuating health. She’s been in and out of hospitals so much in 2015, scaring me on more than one occasion while making me also feel helpless. I hate my own wellbeing being tied so closely to the people I love. It sucks and I can’t help but wonder when the sky won’t come crashing down on me every couple of months. If I ever will get to be happy for an extended period of time. I don’t know.

It feels futile to try and reminisce about 2015, I actually did that for every month through my monthly letters which can be found here:

One blogging milestone I accomplished in 2015 was finishing the Disney movie project. It was a cool project but I’m also incredibly thankful it is finally done since it took up quite a lot of time.

And lastly, I ended 2015 by running my first 10k race in the morning and going to a baroque concert in the evening which is, as far as I’m concerned, the perfect way to end the year.

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