Disney (Wednes)Day: Frozen

Welcome to the last Disney Day. It’s technically not the last theatrically released Disney movie to this day but it was when I started this project in 2013 and I don’t really want to keep going with this. Not because it wasn’t fun or educational, but because it’s a huge time suck. So let’s begin with one of my favourite Disney movies.

It starts with, what sounds like, traditional hum- and ah-ing while the title card is shown and we move on to being under the ice that people are cutting into blocks with saws. Oh, and the dudes also sing, it’s pretty great. Theres a little boy with a little reindeer among them, trying his best to do as the grown ups do and mostly failing. It’s cute.

Via a shot of the northern lights we cut to the castle where a little girl (Anna) wakes up her older sister Elsa to play. They move into the great hall where Elsa makes it snow and cover the floor in ice. It’s pretty amazing. Also, Elsa builds Olaf, a snowman who likes warm hugs.

While playing with her magic abilities, Elsa hits Anna with a snow blast and she is unconscious and cold. Elsa calls for their parents who come running. The father says he knows where to go and off the race, past the little guy and his reindeer from earlier.




The royal family meets with trolls who are adorable and can helping with he issue. In order to save Anna, they remove every memory of magic. Also the old troll informs Elsa and her parents, that while her powers are awesome, there also lies great danger in them and she needs to learn to control them.

Cut to slightly older Anna and Elsa and the “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” song. It’s sad and cute and I love it. Elsa keeps blowing her sister off over the next years.

The parents are going away, leaving the two teenagers alone but tragedy strikes and their ship wrecks. The sisters are left to their own devices. Both sheltered and Elsa is also deeply afraid of herself.

Three years later, a lot of people are coming to Arendelle for the coronation of Elsa who has come off age. Sven, the reindeer and Kristoff, the grown up little boy are also around.

Anna is very excited about coronation day because she finally gets to go outside so she sings a song because DUH! Meanwhile Elsa is terrified of giving away her powers to everyone.

In the harbour, as Anna is almost falling into the water, she meets Hans a prince from some southern islands or such. It’s love at first sight, ugh.

Coronation time. The singing reminds me of my time in Sweden and makes me all nostalgic. Elsa barely makes it without freezing everything, it hurts my feels how much she is distressed by this thing. At the party, Elsa makes contact with Anna, and it seems they probably never talked much in the last years. And after a short while, Elsa puts her walls back up and the moment they had a sisters is gone.

Anna runs into Hans and they bond while everything is romanic and silly. Hans has 12 older brothers, yikes. The two of them sing another song about love being an open door.

Anna and Hans want to get married because, I really don’t know why. They go to Elsa about marrying and of course Elsa says they can’t marry. So the girls fight. Anna asks what Elsa is so afraid of and why she shuts everyone out so Elsa breaks and reveals her secret. So she runs away while people are labelling her as a monster etc.

Elsa’s feelings make Arendelle fall into deep winter and everything freezes up again. Anna follows her sister while leaving Hans in charge of the kingdom. I’m not so sure this is a good idea but whatever. It’s time for Elsa to sing “Let it Go” one of the best Disney songs. It speaks to me on a deeper level. OBVI I sing along because how can you not?!

Anna is a hard time looking for Elsa. She finds a hut where she cans purchase some warmer clothes. Kristoff comes in, looking like a snow yeti. Kristoff can’t pay for what he wants to purchase though so Anna smells a chance of getting transportation. She buys the things Kristoff wants and then suggests a trade, sort of. So up North Mountain they go.

Anna tells the whole story to Kristoff and he gets hung up over the fact that Anna got engaged to a guy she met that day. Good boy! And then they run into wolves. Whelp, things never get easy. They lose the wolves bur also the sleigh.

Oh, I know what comes next and I love it. Winter looks great and then they run into Olaf, the snowman. He’s the cutest cutie that ever cutied. When Olaf introduces himself, Anna has a slight moment of recognition from her childhood. And then Olaf sings a song about summer and then leads them to Elsa.



Cut to the city where everyone os freezing. Hans is playing the crazy good guy. IDK you guys. Just then, Anna’s horse returns without Anna so he asks for volunteers to go after Anna.

Back in the mountains, the troupe finds the ice castle Elsa built. The conversation between Anna and Elsa doesn’t quite go as Anna planned. Anna informs Elsa about the snow situation and Elsa is all “IDK how to undo the snow, girl”. Womp, womp. And just like that Elsa hits Anna again by accident but nobody realises the trouble just yet.

Elsa creates a snow golem to throw the guys outside. Anna’s hair is turning whiter so Kristoff suggests they visit his friends who can help her. And by friends he means the trolls. I wish I had a family of trolls to look after me.

There is ice in Anna’s heart but the troll can’t get it back. Only an act of true love can save her so Kristoff suggests getting back to Hans. Poor Kristoff.

Meanwhile Hans is at the Northern Mountain to get to Elsa. Some of the guys are trying to kill her, ugh. After the fighting, Elsa wakes up in a cell, chained to the ground because of Hans who isn’t the nice guy after all.

Kristoff delivers Anna to the castle and leaves her with Hans. She tells him what happened to her and that he needs to kiss her because of true love and all. But Hans reveals his true motivation about marrying into the throne. Hans leaves Anna alone in the cold, that asshole!

Oh, and then Hans tells the others that Anna was killed and that they were married. He suggests to charge Elsa with treason and sentence her to death. OH NO!

Kristoff and Sven are moving away from the castle but see a snow storm brewing at the castle anew so they rush back.

Meanwhile Olaf finds Anna and makes a fire to get her warm again. He is the best! And then he says the best line “Some people are worth melting for”. *sobs*

Kristof is looking for Anna, Anna is looking for Kristoff and Elsa is running away again. But things are getting more and more serious for Anna every moment as she freezes. Then Hans finds Elsa in the snow and he tells her Anna died because of what Elsa did. Ugh.

Just then Kristoff finds Anna but Anna sees Hans killing Elsa so she gets in the way and turns into ice in the right moment. Elsa is beside herself! She cries and cries! There is no music, everything is silent. Slowly Anna starts melting though. See, that’s an act of true love! It’s not romantic love but family love!!! I absolutely adore this so much. And with that, Elsa realises the key to unfreezing everything is love. She even gives Olaf his own personal flurry so he can stay around.


Anna and Kristoff are being adorable cuties and asdfghjkl. Everything is great, the sisters vow to never close the gates again.

The end.

I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCH! It gives me all the warm and fuzzies. Mostly I love the sister love that makes everything fall into place at the end.

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  • Return to the ’80s (Paul)

    I had watched this movie because I was curious about it, but figured that it would be overrated. How could it ever live up to the hype? Boy, was I wrong! I really enjoyed this movie a lot! It was funny – especially the scene where Anna tells Kristoff that she is getting married, and he is baffled. And of course, Olaf was great. It was a really good story, and I enjoyed the music. I still love “Let It Go”. It is great on so many levels. And I have loved Idina Menzel ever since she was in Rent. I’m glad people know who she is now, but I hope everybody finds out that she’s more than that one song.
    You did a great job reviewing all these Disney films!

    • Yeah, I was sceptical about the movie as well before I watched it in theatres because it couldn’t possibly live up to the hype. It did though and I still love it.
      I don’t remember where I first encountered Idina Menzel, probably on Glee, at least in thbe capacity that I knew who she was. I saw her on Private Practice before but had no clue. And then my infatuation with Wicked began…oh boy. She’s pretty cool!
      And thank you for the kind words :-)