Disney (Wednes)Day: Planes

The second to last Disney release (and also second to last Disney film in this little project) of 2013 is Planes, which lives in the same universe as the Cars movies.

The movie starts with there planes racing through the sky. One of them is different than the other two (give me a break, I know nothing about planes) but he is also faster. But then we see that it was only a dream and the different plane is a beat up crop duster, called Dusty who dreams of being a fancy racing plane. *sigh*

Dusty has a friend, Chug, who’s a fuel truck and helping him with the racing training. Of course the two of them are out of their depth with this one. Especially when Dusty hurts himself. His forklift (female) friend tells him he wasn’t build to race and the overextension will be the death of him but Dusty doesn’t care. So Chug suggests they talk to Skipper, the war veteran plane not too far away. So they go to the hangar but Skipper isn’t into teaching a crop duster and just leaves them hanging.


Cut to a race in Nebraska that Dusty is taking part in to get a spot in the Wings Around The Globe Rally. The other racing planes are making fun of Dusty for being a farm guy and all.

Dusty does in fact do a pretty awesome race but only ends up in 6th place which means he missed his spot by one place. There’s one plane though, who congratulates him and it’s very sweet.

Back home, Dusty is still training and Skipper is watching him from a distance. Then, sometime later, we learn that one plane was disqualified for using illegal additives to the fuel or something like that which means Dusty is IN!

Skipper comes in to train Dusty and we get a whole training montage. We learn that Dusty is afraid of heights which will be interesting since he is going to start a race around the world.

Leg 1 starts in NYC where Dusty encounters his racing competition and it is also shown just how much of a small town guy he really is. Ugh. We get it. At least he meets a lovely girl plane, Ishani, from India who isn’t a total prick and at least talks to him. Dusty also bonds with El Chupacabra, a Mexican who wear a cape. He’s weird but the only one really nice to Dusty. The Mexican falls in insta-love with Rochelle, the French-Canadian racer.

During the first leg of the race, Dusty comes in last but at least he made it. Also, he flew close to the ground unlike the others.

Leg 2 is all about agility as it’s an obstacle course. Skipper gives him last minute instructions and a pep-talk. It’s no speed that wins races.

Being the good farm boy that Dusty is, he forgets about his own race and instead helps Bulldog, the UK racer who can’t see anymore. After they land, Bulldog realises who helped him and tells Dusty, he owes his life to him. *sobs* Also, he says one of my favourite lines of the entire movie “I don’t cry, I’m British.” Stereotypical, yes, but No1Curr!

And the second leg left us in Germany where the movie perpetuates all the worst German stereotypes and reduces us all to Bavarians. It’s like saying all Americans are like Texans. *headdesk*

Dusty finally lets his sprayer behind which means he is lighter and more aerodynamic.

Leg 3 is where Dusty keeps outperforming fancy planes and the green guy (no, not Hulk) gets really annoyed with him.

After a talk with Skipper, Skip tries to fly again but can’t. Not sure if it’s psychological or a mechanical problem though.

The racers are in India btw and Ishani is still flirty with Dusty and they visit Taj Mahal together. I don’t know what happened there because I had to go to the loo and didn’t want to pause. Anyway.

Leg 4 is the part above Himalaya but since Dusty is still afraid of heights, he stays close to the ground and goes through a tunnel. Yep, plane through tunnel. Only, there is a train coming towards him and we don’t know if he is going to make it or if they’ll just crash and burn. Next thing we see, everything goes white and then looks like we’re in Nepal, which, as it turns out, we are and Dusty is the first to arrive. Take that fancy racers!

My notes say “Skipper played him [Dusty]” which I guess means that Dusty found out that Skipper only completed one mission and thus isn’t the amazing war veteran Dusty thought him to be. At least his other friends will meet him in Mexico because they made lots of money by selling Dusty merchandise.

They somehow made it somewhere else so we’re now in leg 6 and Dusty gets attacked by the green racer minions. He loses his tail and then ends up needed fuel. He turns around and somehow gets rescued to an airplane carrier. And there he learns that Skipper only ever did one mission. So maybe the note I couldn’t fully decipher up top was about Ishani playing Dusty and Skipper. I’m sorry. Disney can be so confusing sometimes. Ahem.

Then Dusty has to leave the carrier in a hurry because a bad storm is ahead. Only, as he flies close to the surface, the weather is having a worse effect on him and he ends up drowning and all beat up. Thankfully he gets rescued but can’t compete like that anymore. The only thing he cares about though is that Skipper lied to him.

Skipper tells his sad little story about how he lost all the guys he trained ended up dead because of him. I guess that’s a reason for not flying again but ugh. Whatever.

In order to get Dusty repaired, all the other racers pitch in with spare parts and they humpty dumpty Dusty back together so he can finish the race. That was pretty fabulous and gave me chills, no biggie.

Leg 7: Mexico -NYC Since Dusty didn’t finish the previous leg but only because he was manipulated, he gets a time penalty but can still fly. And he gets harassed by the green minion planes again. But fear not because Skipper is around and together they outsmart them. And then Dusty uses one of the first lessons Skipper ever gave about tail winds and also overcomes his fear of height to win the race and everyone is happy!!

This all ends with Skipper and Dusty being back on he aircraft carrier and flying again, IDK.

The end.

Planes was fine but I wish they had opted for a different route with this movie instead of using the same racing one they already used with Cars and Cars 2. The movie apparently got a lot of bad reviews but to be honest, I didn’t mind it that much. It was easy to watch. Sure, the stereotypes were pretty awful but the rest was totally okay. I’ve seen way worse from Disney.

Stay tuned for next weeks last Disney movie, Frozen, I am so excited about finally being done with this thing.


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