Disney (Wednes)Day: Monsters Univesity

In 2013 Disney, or better yet Pixar, released the prequel to the 2001 Monsters Inc. movie. Naturally, I did not make the connection and thought this movie was a sequel with the sons of the main characters from Monsters Inc. Oh well!

The movie opens with a bunch of little monsters on a field trip. There’s a 1-eyed green ball monster with arms and legs who’s name is Mike Wazowksi and he’s like the teacher’s pet but mostly because he’s so weird, none of the other kids wants anything to do with him. Their field trip led them to the Monsters power plant where they see the scare floor up close. One of the scarers comes by to talk to the kids, he mentions how awesome Monster University is and that it’s the place that taught him everything he knows about scaring.

Mike, being ignored by his peers, follows one of the scarers into a room and hides there to observe the scaring up close. He’s that good at it that the scarer doesn’t even notice he’s there which he later tells Mike in form of a compliment.

Fast forward a couple of years to Mike leaving the bus to MU. He talks to all the people on the bus even though I’m pretty sure, none of them know him. The campus reminds me of Harvard and by that I mean, it reminds me of the depiction of Harvard the media has taught me.

Mike meets his roomie, who’s also a bit nerdy but seems nice. They both attend the intro by the Dean of Scare School or whatever it’s called. Also, the Dean is female which I find particularly awesome. Entry Sulley Sullivan, a heir to the famous Sullivan clan of scarers. He’s incredibly cool, such a typical scarer and too cool to even bring a pencil to class or arrive on time. Such a jock.

Somehow, Sulley ends up as Mike’s roommate, don’t ask me how that happened though because I have no idea. Also, Sulley has a pet pig which he tries to reign in again but Mike ends up riding it right into freshman week celebrations making a fool of himself. Sulley is immediately targeted by all the fraternities to join them and so he lives poor Mike alone. He’s really mean to Mike which makes him vow to one-up Sulley in everything.

At the time of the scare finals, Sulley and Mike fight, effectively breaking a scare meter which the Dean oversees. She gives the boys one more chance but they blow it and so they’re expelled from the program. They end up in boring scream can designer class.

There’s one last loophole for the two of them to attend scare school again, the Scaregames which were designed by the Dean herself when she was still a student. Only problem, Mike needs to be part if a fraternity so he joins the lamest fraternity there is.

Sulley, who doesn’t have another choice joins them as well. This also means, that Sulley and Mike share a room again.

The first task is an obstacle course. Mike doesn’t remember or know that the whole team needs to pass the course so he races Sulley and they end up being last. But since another group gets banned for cheating, they’re back in.

They make it through round two, much to everyone’s surprise. They assume they’re finally accepted as serious participants so they attend a party but they only end up getting hazed. So not cool!

To show them what they’re after, Mike whips up a field trip to Monsters Inc. where they have a look at what they want to become. It turns out, there isn’t just one type of scarer. They’re all different and using their different strengths to their advantage. I think this is one of the important Disney life lessons. It’s okay to be who you are and use your own set of skills for whatever you may need them. Celebrate diversity! Something like that. Also, Mike and Sulley realise they have to work together to get this Scaregames thing done.

This means only one thing: training!

The group makes it through the next rounds until it is time for the final round: the scare simulator in front of the whole school. Sulley meanwhile had a talk to the Dean and she told him that she doesn’t think Mike has what it takes. Of course this means Sulley goes obsessing over this bit of information which will probably lead to something stupid.

Scare time! Sulley convinces Mike to go last. They’re actually all doing pretty well and holding their ground against the other team. So Mike goes last and gets the highest score possible which means they win and get back into the program. Yay.

Only, later Mike learns that Sulley tampered with the simulator. Womp, womp. Of course Sulley and Mike fight about this which ends with Mike trying to prove his worth once again He goes into the door lab and enters into what he thinks to be a child’s bedroom. Only, it’s a whole bedroom filled with kids at camp, so much more than Mike bargained for.

Meanwhile Sulley confesses to the Dean who shuts everything down, letting Mike on the other side. Sulley can’t stand for that and breaks his way into the door lab and into the camp to rescue Mike.

On the other side, Mike has gone into hiding. Then the Dean turns of the power of the door so they need to generate an enormous amount of energy to power the door from the inside. This is where Mike truly shines, he orchestrates a big scare for Sulley to fulfil. AND IT WORKS! Of course they break the door though, ahem.

Even though the Dean is impressed by this, Sulley and Mike are still expelled even though they other’s from their fraternity can attend the scare program.

As Mike is leaving campus, Sulley tells him how amazing he thinks Mike is. The Dean is actually impressed with what the two of them did but of course she can’t take them back. It doesn’t matter because they are going to work their way up Monsters Inc. all on their own.

The end.

Okay, I loved this movie! In my opinion, this was so much better than the first movie. A well done story though I think that older people could relate to their easier than kids could. It’s just a feeling and maybe I’m wrong but as the story centres around college life, I din’t think kids can actually get a lot out of that. Either way, I enjoyed it a lot. Oh, and there is no romance, it’s all just friendship and that’s one of the best things.

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