map of my heart

The map of my heart is a winding road going through Song Mountain where we light a camp fire and you let me sing along to your guitar playing.

Feels Valley is where you learn all about my insecurities and commitment issues and I learn about the time you nearly ended your life.

In Scartown we learn to trail each others scars and tell their stories until we can find them in the dark on our own. We keep at it for hours.

Heartbreak Hill is where we realise that I’m too much; too much to handle; too much of everything and my romanticism is silly and unrealistic; it’s where our ways part.

Solitary Rock teaches me that I’m going to be okay, or as okay as I’ll ever be.
And I move on.

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  • sheryl

    This is beautiful. Love it.

    • Why thank you. This was something stupid I came up with before going to sleep one night.

  • cupitonians

    Love this so much!