Disney (Wednes)Day: Wreck-It Ralph

The last theatrical release from Disney in 2012 was Wreck-It Ralph. This one mostly slipped under my radar until I decided to do this project so I don’t have many expectations or anything else about it. So let’s start with the movie.

Ralph introduces himself via voice over. He’s the bad guy in an arcade game about Fix-It Felix who has a golden, magical hammer (not a euphemism). Felix has to fix the building Ralph destroyed. The game has been running for 30 years now which is pretty impressive. The whole flair of the movie reminds me of Toy Story, with the secret lives of the toys or game characters here.

Ralph lives in a dump made up of all the destroyed building parts and he’s pretty jealous of Felix and his little buddies being all tight and happy whereas he is never included. Probably because he’s kind of aggressive and not that much fun to be around. Just my opinion.

A some point in time, Ralph tells his sad little story at a Bad-Anonymous help group where different villains from different arcade games are all gathered to support each other. Ralph isn’t really feeling the love though, come on buddy!

Cut to the 30th anniversary celebration for the game but Ralph isn’t invited which makes him pretty mad. The party guests aren’t keen on having him there but he goes in anyway, wanting a slice of cake. Then he starts a fight over the position of the Ralph miniature statue on the cake which ends with the cake being destroyed by his rage fists. Of course.

In order to validate his person and everything, Ralph decides to win a medal, just like Felix wins a medal at the end of the game so Ralph hijacks another game with soldiers and a hot lady fighter who’s voice is oddly familiar. I’m getting there. Naturally Ralph completely tanks during the game making it even obvious to the human playing that somethings amiss.

Sergeant Tamora (the hot female fighter) gives him a talk but it’s no use really. Meanwhile a girl at the Wreck-It Ralph game notices that there is no Ralph to play with. So Felix goes investigating after the Arcade closes.

Instead of winning the medal, Ralph just climbs the end level tower and gets it there but again wrecks something because some weird alien eggs hatch or something. Ralph ends up in a completely different game called Sugar Rush and yes it looks as gross as it sounds.

Ralph lost his medal which is when a kid shows up. She found the medal but isn’t giving it back to Ralph so they fight a bit but they mostly talk. Eventually, the girl, Vanellope, uses the medal to buy her place in the race game she is in. The others characters are horrified because she is a glitch, an abomination, and shouldn’t be racing. Vanellope doesn’t give a rats ass about any of that.

Meanwhile Tamora (who’s voice is Jane Lynch’s no wonder I’m really digging her, but that may also be the tight fighter suit, ahem) and Felix go into Sugar Rush to get Ralph out of there.

Vanellope and King Candy have a talk but V is still attending the game. The other racers talk about her and make fun of her car, it’s really sad. Oh, btw the voice of Vanellope is Sarah Silverman. Ralph watches the scene and scares the silly girls away. V offers him a compromise where he gets the meal back when he helps her win the race. Or, you know, race at all.

Felix explains the term “going Turbo” to Tamora, something I forgot to mention up until this point, whoops. So Turbo was this racing game hero but his game got outdated only Turbo wasn’t ready to let go so he hijacked other games.

Tamora and Felix end up in Nesquick sand where they flirt a little bit. They manage to escape via laughing toffee or something of that sort for which Tamora had to punch Felix which is no problem because he just hit himself with his magical hammer to repair the damage.

Vanellope and Ralph bake a new car, a real race car this time, for V. The only problem is, she has no idea how to drive so Ralph teaches her. Also, V explains her whole sad situation to Ralph.




Cut to King Candy stealing the medal.

Some other place in the game, Felix is still crushing hard on Tamora which, I can’t blame him for. She isn’t having any of it though because she suffers from PTSD brought on at her wedding when alien creatures attacked her fiancé in the church.

King Candy gives the medal back to Ralph and tells him to make sure Vanellope isn’t attending the race because of her glitching. The players could think that the game is broken and the whole game would go out of order. Ralph talks to the little girl but she doesn’t get it so he destroys her car and it’s all very dramatic.

Ralph then returns to his own game only to learn that it is out of order. He’s been absent for too long and they’re closing up shop. Womp, womp. From there he sees Vanellope’s picture on the side of the Sugar Rush machine which means that the girl was built in and not an accident.

It turns out the King deleted all memories of her and she needs to cross the finish line for the game to reset.

Ralph comes looking for Felix to repair the car he damaged but Felix is throwing a small tantrum. They have a moment and it’s good.

The race starts but without Vanellope. Meanwhile the weird alien eggs are hatching under the race track.

And then we learn the biggest twist: King Candy is actually Turbo and he took V out of the game so he could be in it and win it. BOOM goes the dynamite!

Valence doesn’t cross the finish line because of the alien eggs but as she is a glitch and not a real player at this point, she can’t leave the game like everyone else. So Ralph takes it upon himself to make sure she will get her chance of crossing the finish line.

Ralph has to sacrifice himself on his mission but fear not as the girl comes to save him.

Felix finally gets to kiss Tamora and Vanellope crosses the finish line after all. She transforms into a princess and it turns out she was the ruler of this game all along. She’s still glitching but that’s no problem because the players love her for it. It’s like a super power.

Ralph is back at his own game but people are nice to him now and he is nicer. He actually enjoys himself these days. They incorporated all the lost game characters from games that wen’t out of order into their bonus level an it’s super popular. WHEE!

Also, Tamora and Felix get married. Awwwwww.

The end.

I wasn’t too into the movie in the beginning because I did find Ralph a bit annoying and he was not the nice guy he wanted to be but after we got to Vanellope and her story I was sold. Towards the end, I really enjoyed this.

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  • Tim

    See, as soon as you made the hammer reference, all I can think of is Captain Hammer saying “The magical hammer is my penis”.