Disney (Wednes)Day: Frankenweenie

Frankenweenie is the second Tim Burton movie I have to watch for Disney Day so I’m curious how I will feels about this one from 2012.

The movie starts with people watching a 3D movie but everything is in black and white. The movie inside the movie looks like a kid’s production, specially when a dressed up dog runs through it.

The parents are proud of their son for making such a movie even though they are, at the same time, concerned because Victor (the son) doesn’t have any friends except for his dog Sparky.

In the morning, Victor is leaving the house while he meets his neighbour, a very unkind and menacing looking guy. Victor leaves Sparky in his backyard and leaves for school.

There is also a girl in this story, because obviously. She leaves her uncle’ house (mean guy) and also has a dog that’s in their backyard. Coincidence? I think not.

At school, the kids sit through a science class and boy does that look weird. They seem to be having a new teacher. On a sidenote, all the kids look like zombies and it freaks me out a bit.

The teacher talks about lightning, or maybe it’s the kids talking. Either way, I didn’t really get it.

Back home, Sparky meets the neighbour’s dog who is a lady dog. Sparky is on point with his flirting game though, maybe I can learn something from him.

Back at school, Victor is approached by one girl who informs him that her cat, Mr. Whiskers, pooped a V which means something big is going to happen to Victor. Okay, if you say so!

Victor then gets approached about being science fair partners by a boy but Vic turns him down because he better works alone. Says the weird loner, okay. Also, Victor’s dad wants him to try a sport so he tries baseball.

They’re at a game and it takes Victor a moment to get accommodated with the sport but then he hits the ball just right and it flies out of the park and into the street. Sparky dashes after it and gets run over by a car. Well, that’s probably not what the father had in mind, also, way to spoil a sport.

Judging from the title of this movie, it’s evident what Victor will do next and that is bringing Sparky back. I guess this movie is supposed to be a play on Frankenstein or better yet Frankenstein’s monster.

Conveniently, at school the next day, the science teacher shows the kids how muscles work and that they can still move power by electricity even if the specimen they’re attached to is dead. Duh, of course this was happening. Victor now has an idea. He leaves school early do dig out Sparky from his place in the pet cemetery (I will never not sing The Ramones when I read/hear pet cemetery somewhere).

At home, Victor goes to work. At first I though he was trying to turn back time but instead he is making a very elaborate test on trying to use the electricity generated in a lightning storm to recharge Sparky. And of course it works. Hooray :(

Oh, but I forgot to tell the twist. At first it looks like the experiment didn’t work but then Victor cries over Sparky’s dead body and that makes it totes work.

Now, how to keep a zombie dog from being detected? Victor does a poor job at it because Sparky is gallivanting around the neighbourhood all day long which of course doesn’t turn out good.

The kid who wanted to be Victor’s science fair partner confronts V about Sparky and blackmails him into being his partner after all. So they try to revive a dead fish next but the experiment doesn’t work exactly like it did with Sparky. Womp, womp.

Meanwhile the parents of our zombie kids are having a school intervention directed at the new science teacher because he freaks them out. When the teacher speaks, he antagonises the crowd even more and seals his own grave, so to speak. He has to leave the school.

Victor runs into his former teacher the next day and talks to him about his experiments. Apparently they only really work when you care about the outcome or something like that.

At home, Victor’s parents discover Sparky but the dog runs away. He runs around town, makes an appearance at the science fair and then finds his grave where he sleeps.

There seems to be a big need of reviving dead animals because everyone and their grandma are trying to do so. Of course not everything is turning out as imagined or planned and we get all kinds of weird animals roaming around.

Sparky leads people to a windmill where the neighbour girl and her dog are in danger because the mill is on fire. And then my notes give out. Whoops, this is how much I apparently cared for this movie. I do remember the mill collapsing on Sparky and killing him again but the townsfolk revive him once again, why, I have no idea. I also don’t know how this one ends, sorry folks. There wasn’t much I didn’t catch at the end though.

The end.

Tim Burton isn’t for me. This whole thing is just not my thing. I knew it with The Nightmare Before Christmas and Frankenweenie just confirmed my opinion. I know there are people who absolutely adore his work but I don’t belong in that group. Neither the story nor the visuals worked for me which is why I eventually didn’t care much for the movie. Again, sorry but I just couldn’t bring myself to care.

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