‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker

Finally crossing ‘Dracula’ off my Reading Classics list. This one took me a whole lot longer than I anticipated and it wasn’t because I was reading it in English; that part went surprisingly easy. It’s just that the damn thing is really, really long in my opinion, or it felt that way at least.

This isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy the story, because I did, but would have liked it to be a bit shorter. Maybe a big part of this is reading this in the 21st century, Dracula and vampires in general have been such a big part of pop culture, you know way too much without having read the story before.

Dracula starts with Jonathan Harker meeting Count Dracula in his home in Romania but Harker has no clue who Dracula really is whereas the reader obviously knows. And then things start happening with Lucy and there lies my biggest gripe with the book. It takes FOREVER for that part of the story to wrap up. Mostly, because Dr. Seward and Van Helsing don’t really talk with each other. Van Helsing has an idea about what is going on and yet he never informs Seward until it is way too late.

Also, the direct blood transfusions Lucy got really freaked me out because she got blood from three different people. They probably all had different blood types and rhesus factors, even if you take the vampire out of the equation, this could have ended badly, especially since she gets them so close together. I’m not a medical student but I do know enough to be freaked out by this at least a little bit. Of course the thought of trying to rescue Lucy weighs more than any repercussions from blood transfusions but eeehhh.

The story is told through varying points of view and I enjoyed it and I loved that Mina Harker was such an integral part of the story. She is, more than once, the person who gets the group back on track or who has the right idea at the right moment. Van Helsing (Or is it Seward?) often calls her brain that of a man’s and while 21st century Me gets worked up about the phrasing, I think for the time this book was written, it was a big compliment bestowed upon Mina.

Though when Mina and Lucy are talking in the first part of the book I nearly threw my kindle across the room because they were so clearly written by a man I couldn’t even. I don’t exactly recall what they were talking about but it was not my thing. And also, my little gay shipper heart started shipping them in the beginning when they were mostly alone and there were no men involved in their narrative. I just can’t help whom I ship, so don’t hate me for it, okay?!

All in all, I did enjoy Dracula but it took me way too long to read it and I’m glad to have it out of the way. Plus, it was nice seeing the original Dracula work of fiction, having seen it adapted in TV and movies so much over the years. This is the real deal.

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