Disney (Wednes)Day: Winnie the Pooh

The 2011 release of Winnie the Pooh is the fifth theatrical release in the Winnie the Pooh franchise and since I loved the earlier movies, I was pretty excited for this one! (You can read the recaps of the other movies here here here and here.)

This latest Winnie the Pooh instalment starts in a hallway to a childhood bedroom where a voice over explains that it’s the room of Christopher Robin. It’s a real room, not an animated one and we get to see the stuffed animal versions of our friends like Pooh, Piglet and the others. Then a book of stories opens and we find ourselves in the 100 Acre Woods. Of course there is a song to go with that as we’re introduced to the characters in an attempt to bring new viewers up to speed.

Pooh is sleeping in his bed when he gets woken up by the narrator. Which ends with Pooh being awake and hungry for honey because all this bear thinks about is honey. I mean, it’s why we love him.

He even sings a song about honey and his hungry tummy. Only the poor starving bear is out of honey so he goes to visit his friends and see if they have some honey to share with him.

Pooh runs into Owl and I finally get to use my Disney Owl Tag again, YAY! I’m a bit distracted because Owl sounds different and I don’t do change well. But at least his character is as self absorbed as always and I think writing a memoir about his life. Of course he is.

Eeyore comes by and we learn that his tail is missing. The horror! Owl suggest to issue a reward but Pooh and Eeyore think he is sneezing every time Owl says issuing. It’s a silly joke and not their best in my opinion.

Christopher Robin is in this movie and I don’t know why but it makes it different to me. Sure, he dropped by in the other movies as well but usually towards the end when most things were almost over but not as an integral part of the story like this time. Anyway, they are all trying to find Eeyore’s tail or give him a new one. Pooh is very into this contest because the reward is a pot of honey and he is still hungry.

Pooh is the first to try out the new tail idea and pins a Schwarzwalduhr (I’m sorry I’m too lazy to look up the translation of that kind of clock) to Eeyore’s back but the joy doesn’t last long because as soon as the donkey sits down, it breaks. Womp, womp.

So no honey for Pooh. The others try a couple of different new tails as well but nothing works.

Pooh is still on a quest to find honey when he comes across Christopher Robins house but he isn’t there and left a note about being back soon. Pooh takes this to Owl because IDK.

Owl however, interprets the back soon as a Backson or something which he makes into a monster and tells the other that CR was taken hostage by a monster and so they make traps for the evil monster.

Tigger is still on new tail detail and finds a spring to add to Eeyore’s back, paints stripes on him and teaches the donkey to bounce. Poor Eeyore, he is not a bouncer or a Tigger. This makes Eeyore hide from Tigger because that donkey cannot take all that bouncing and being happy.

Piglet and Pooh are out and about when Pooh spots a beehive and since he is still hungry, decides to get the honey from there with the help of Piglet but of course that doesn’t work out so much in their favour. So now Pooh still hasn’t had any honey and he starts hallucinating about his friends and everything being pots of honey. Oh the precious!

Cut to the others who think they have caught the Backson or whatever they think they’re after but it turns out it was only Pooh wrapped in a blanket. Somehow the others, aside from Piglet, all end up in the pit and can’t get out again. Piglet tries his best to get them out. He means well but doesn’t actually succeed. Rabbit grows very short tempered with him.

Also, Owl is in the pit as well an why doesn’t he fly out and help Piglet? It’s kind of stupid. He even flies out to give Piglet instructions and a speech and when I think that Rabbit at least has caught on to the stupidity, he only wants to congratulate Owl on th entreat speech he gave. ARGH!

Piglet encounters Tigger in the woods but doesn’t recognise him so of course he is frightened as hell and ends up in the pit as well. But fear not as the letters from the story have fallen into the pit and Pooh builds a letter ladder for them to climb out on.

Christopher Robin is back and all the confusion is settled.

Pooh visits owl because he is still hungry and finds that Owl has been using Eeyore’s tail on his doorbell and goes to return it to it’s rightful owner.

So finally, Pooh gets the pot of honey reward and it is massive. So massive that he can swim in it and Pooh is a happy little bear.

The end.

Aaaahhh, somehow this movie didn’t charm my pants off like the previous ones did. It was okay but a lot of the times the things weren’t endearing and instead rather stupid. At least to me. Of course this isn’t in accordance with the usual critics on the internet who apparently found this movie charming and well done.

IDK, it just didn’t click with me, not like the others did and when I’ll be watching any Pooh franchise movies again, I’ll skip this one.

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