Disney (Wednes)Day: Cars 2

Five years after Pixar released Cars, Cars 2 saw the light in 2011.




The movie starts with a red car that isn’t Lightning McQueen requesting backup over a video feed?! I don’t really know what’s going on here. Anyway, the connection is lost.

Next thing we know, a small boat is at sea. A British car wants it to look for something but they can’t get any further when a slightly bigger ship, looking like it’s military, comes along to tell them to skedaddle. But the Brit is gone and on his way to investigate. This seems to be the real reason he came out to see, to hijack a ride to wherever the military ship is going.

As the boat clears away, we see there are oil platforms in the sea, lots of them. Also, that British car reminds me of Bond in a way, he seems to be a secret agent.

On one of the oil platforms, our spy gets detected and has to fight of his way home. He does have some very cool special effects and cannot only float like a boat but is also a submarine. Anyway, on the oil platform, the Brit found the Professor, whatever that means to us but it meant something to him so we’ll just go with it.

The Brit has to flee and the Professor thinks he’s dead.

Back in Radiator Springs, Mater hasn’t seen Lightning in a while and just as he is towing one of the towns lemon cars (read: a crappy car that needs constant attendance because nothing works properly) Lightning has arrived and Mater is happy as can be.

Lightning has now one four Piston Cups who were also renamed for Doc Hudson, who apparently passed away since the last movie?! I don’t like how they just glossed over this part.

Lightning and Mater have a day of fun in the country and it’s nice but in the evening, Lightning wants to have dinner alone with Sally, Mater takes that so-so, not well but also not badly, I don’t know. He turns up at their dinner, supposedly as their waiter so that’s how things are going.

At the bar of the establishment, the military car is watching a show in which a formula car announces his participation in a new World Grand Prix founded by  Sir Miles Axelrod, the founder of Allinol, a not gasoline based fuel. Lightning was invited to participate as well but declined. When Mater hears the formula car, Francesco, making fun of Lightning, he calls the show telling them Lightning will attend and it all goes downhill from there. Sort of.

Travel montage. Lightning and Mater end up in Japan where the first race is to be held. Lightning was hesitant about bringing Mater because his farmer charms are set to embarrass Lightning. And that’s what Mater does even though he is unaware of that.

While the Grand Prix stuff is underway, the British spy from the beginning makes contact with a girl spy car from the Tokyo office, who’s voice is that of Emily Mortimer. I just find her voice very distinguishable. Anyway, they need to make contact with an American because he has further information. Blah. Apparently the oil platforms we saw earlier are the biggest oil field of the world and were only recently detected.

Lightning is being introduced on stage and Mater is eating a shit ton of wasabi because he thinks it’s ice cream so Mater rushes on stage where there is a fountain and makes a big scene. Lightning is very cross about this and as it looks like Mater is leaking oil, he goes to the toilet(?).

In the washroom, something shady is going on. I assume one of the cars is the American spy but he passes something on to Mater as he is assaulted by two other cars. Emily Mortimer then thinks Mater is their contact and he just plays the idiot as a disguise. Oh boy.

It’s race time! Sometime during the race, the spies see that the enemy is closing in around Mater and so Emily Mortimer makes contact with Mater. All of this is going over the pit crew headphones so it’s rather odd and Lightning is annoyed because Mater won’t shut up.

Stuff happens with Mater and the spies, Lightning loses the race to Francesco because of the constant chatter over the radio and he and Mater have a fight. Oh, also, some cars in the race spontaneously crashed because of problems. But they were forced crashes by this secret enemy institution.

After the fight, Mater is on his way back to Radiator Springs. There he gets detoured by our spies because they still think he is one of them. After a chasing scene they get on a super secret spy plane to IDK where.

The pit crew is sad about Mater leaving. The guy even wrote a goodbye letter albeit that one was a bit well, Mater.

The spies in the spy plane are talking stuff and even though Mater ha son clue about this spy business, he figures stuff out about the parts in the picture belonging to lemon cars. See, that’s why we had that scene in the beginning. The Brits will talk to an informant in Paris.

Oh Paris, Paris, you always make me think about my time visiting you and meeting up with lovely people from the internet. How I miss thee.

As it turns out, the Paris informant also has no clue who his client is so the spies are none the wiser. The Mater is a farmer idiot trope gets a bit annoying at this point but other than that, I’m oddly enjoying this movie.

The only thing they do know now that all the cars involved in the shenanigans are crappy cars that break often and need lots of spare parts. They also head off to the next race in Italy.

Lightning McQueen arrives with his crew in Bella Italia. Luigi and the forklift have a family reunion. The Italia father of Luigi has a heart to heart with Lightning about his fight with Mater.

In another part of Italy, out spies are preparing for an undercover event. Mater has to go infiltrate a meeting. He’s having doubts about his ability though and I get where he’s coming from. Emily Mortimer even wants Mater to lose his dents though he wears them as badges of honour because he got them while having fun with Lightning and in the end, she leaves them in.

Everyone who is anyone is at this race and it’s overshadowed by rumours that Allinoil made the cars crash in the previous race.

As Mater’s undercover extravaganza turns out to be not so good. Th eProfessor arrives but the big boss won’t be revealed there either. Something about the lemon cars of the world wanting to take over and showing the world that it needs them instead of making fun of them.

While this is happening, the race was underway and this time, Lightning wins. Though again cars crashed. Everyone wants to stop using Allinoil but Lightning says he will stick with it because he believes in it. Boom.

Mater meanwhile blows his cover and still manages to get some information. However, he gets caught and while Mater is asleep, he goes through his worst moment from the tour because the Brit called him an idiot tow truck earlier. Ouch.

Our three spies wake up in Big Ben shortly before being crashed by the mechanism.

The last race is held in London. Mater manages to break free from Big Ben, which is called Big Bentley in this world. Mater rushes to warn Lightning because the big bad enemy plans to kill him at this race but it turns out, they calculated that Mater would break free an rush over to Lightning and put the bomb on Mater. O_o.

What follows is a fun scene in which Mater tries to get away from Lightning and Lightning having no idea why that is. The bomb can only be deactivated by the voice that activated it and it wasn’t the Professor. But Lightning figures it out and accuses Sir Axelrod. He denies everything until the bomb almost goes off and deactivates it last minute.

The reason Axelrod did this was to create demand for his newfound giant oil field. Something like that.

Mater gets knighted by the Queen which is pretty fabulous.

Back home in Radiator Springs it turns out that Emily Mortimer is actually Mater’s girlfriend. And she took his little speech about dents serious because she will wear her battle scar like a badge of honour. Sweet.

It turns out Lightning never exploded from the Allinoil was because he wasn’t actually using it. The crew changed it to regular gasoline without him knowing. Sneaky.

Francesco and Lightning have another race in Radiator Springs and it’s awesome.

The end.

I really enjoyed this movie even though I did not expect to do so. The thing is, sequels are tricky but I think they did a good job, even though I was a bit hesitant while watching because the constant back and forth was a bit much. And I wondered if it may have been better to make s operate story unrelated to Lightning and the guys without Mater. Just the spies but in the end, I think it worked pretty well.

However, the internet tells me, this is the only Pixar movie to get really rotten reviews which only proves once again, that I have a vastly different taste in Disney movies as the majority of people.

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