shattered plans

There were things I wanted to get done over this long, four day weekend and yet here I am on the evening of day three and I have hardly done any of the planned things.

I only finished reading one book instead of multiple.
I didn’t watch Mars Needs Moms yet for my Disney post.
I didn’t make pasta sauce to put into sealed glasses.
I didn’t clean the house; didn’t put away my new {old} silver tea pot.
I didn’t vlog.

Instead I just got home from spending a day with most of the people I love and can physically be with. I had lunch with my aunt, uncle and two cousins. We didn’t fight and it was quite amicable which I’m not always used to. Then I visited Gran at the hospital, which, of course, is not the ideal thing to do on Easter but she seems better now. Better than last weekend. When she had given up.

And I did spend the rest of my day eating delicious baked goods and drinking tea with bestfriendboy and his family, who is like my adopted family. We went through old photographs dating back to the beginning of the 20th century. I laughed till my belly ached and played tabletop games with them. It was a great day and I’m not even a little bit sad that I didn’t get to accomplish any of my lonely plans.

This is especially true since my friend Katherine just texted me, telling me how sad she is being thousands of miles away from her family on Easter; knowing they’re all together without her right now and it reminds me how lucky I am.

I have an actual family that I don’t always get along with. I also have a family that I get to visit whenever the first one is annoying and who invites me to their family functions and proclaims me a member of theirs.

This post is short and that’s okay. Not everything needs to be 600+ words but I needed to document this because I spend so much time complaining on here, ravelling in the darker parts of my being which is unfair and not a just representation of myself. This is Easter 2015. The road to here has been a tumultuous one but right in this moment, I am happy. Grateful. Content.

forest bunny easter

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