Disney (Wednes)Day: Tangled

I’ve been kinda excited about watching Tangled, which was released in 2010, because every time I saw gifs floating around tumblr, they looked pretty cool. So, without further ado, here comes the recap.

The story starts with a male voice over voice overing that this is the story of how he died. Umm, okay, are you talking from beyond the grave, Mr.? It’s also the story of Rapunzel and some mysterious golden flower that can heal anything and also make old witches stay young. Something like that.

In a kingdom, a queen is pregnant but she is also getting sick so the king has sent his merry men to find that flower. Only, the old witch has hidden it, to keep it to herself. The men still find the flower and the queen gets healed. She gives birth to an adorable blonde baby and everything is well until the witch gets into Rapunzel’s room to cut some hair. The witch wants it so she can stay young but the moment the hair is cut, it turns brown and loses its golden glow. So, like every crazy person, the witch steals poor Baby!Rapunzel to keep her in a tower shut off from the world. The king and queen were devastated and every year on the day of the abduction, the release lights into the darkness. It looks pretty amazing.

Cut to years later when Rapunzel is grown up and playing with a chameleon named Pascal. She sings a song, wondering when her life will begin.

Cut to the voice over guy from before climbing the roofs of a castle and running away from something with his two buddies. I don’t really know what they did but okay.

At Rapunzel’s tower, the witch returns so Rapunzel lets her hair down for, who she thinks is her mother, to come up. Oh the poor girl. Rapunzel asks the witch if, for her birthday, she can leave the tower but the witch denies her request and instead sings a song about how she knows best and such. She is so manipulative and putting Rapunzel down, I think it’s quite interesting to watch were it not so sad.



Back to out guy, Flynn Rider, who stole a satchel from the castle. Okay then. He’s still on the run. Said satchel gets thrown through the air and as he tries to retrieve it while being followed by a horse without rider, Flynn and the horse fall way way down and eventually Flynn finds Rapunzel’s tower which he climbs in order to hide for a while.

Flynn wasn’t expecting to be hit with a frying pan by Rapunzel though. She is terrified but still manages to hold her ground and puts him into a closet. Rapunzel also finds the satchel which contains a tiara. At first she has no clue what to do with it but she puts it on her head and gets the magic moment. Get it?! Because she is the lost princess. Tadaaa.

Anyway, the witch returns and is as evil as ever. Rapunzel doesn’t tell her about the guy in the closet. After the witch leaves again, Rapunzel faces Flynn who is kind of an idiot. He informs her, that he doesn’t intend to hurt her. Instead, Rapunzel informs him that she wants him to take her to the lantern thing as it will be soon.

Flynn doesn’t want to take her and instead tries flirting his way out of the situation only Rapunzel is immune to that. LOL. In the end, Rapunzel wins and she leaves her tower/home for the first time ever. Henceforth she goes through moments of pure joy and pure agony over having left. While it is obvious played up, I also find it pretty believable.

Meanwhile, the witch sees the place horse Flynn was fighting with earlier and freaks because she thinks the guards have come for Rapunzel. So she rushes back to the tower where Rapunzel is of course no longer. The tiara is still there though as is the wanted sign with Flynn’s face on it.

Rapunzel and Flynn meanwhile, have made it to an inn where Flynn isn’t as welcomed as he would have imagined but fear not for Rapunzel knows how to work her magic. Obviously they all sing a song together.

The witch has found Rapunzel and Flynn and is watching the events in the inn. Also, the palace guards get into the inn but Rapunzel and Flynn are already on their way out.

In the passageway away from the inn, Flynn asks Rapunzel why she never left but before the girl can answer, their followers are on their trail so they have to run.

Then there is a bit with water and nearly drowning and using the incredibly long hair to play Tarzan and such. It ends with Flynn learning that Rapunzel’s hair glows when she sings and can also heal wounds.

The witch, still intend on getting Rapunzel back, tricks Flynn’s former co-thieves into helping her by offering them revenge. Ugh. There is a whole bit of back and forth but it all ends with Rapunzle and Flynn getting to the city beneath the castle. #soclose

We see the king and queen preparing for the celebrations and they look really sad.

From a boat on the see, lake, whatever, Rapunzel and Flynn watch the lanterns leave and it’s absolutely adorable and sweet. Awesome visuals. When Flynn and Rapunzel are about tot kiss, Flynn sees his former buddies and draws back.

It’s all a trap and IDK what is happening exactly but it’s no good. The witch “saves” Rapunzel while Flynn was tied to a ship while being unconscious.

Back in the tower of doom, Rapunzel realises that she has been drawing the sun symbol of the kingdom for forever and remembers THINGS about before the witch. She confronts her “mother” but it doesn’t end so well.

Flynn gets rescued and goes to the tower but Rapunzel is tied up and the witch stabs Flynn. Rapunzel wants to heal him but in a last effort, Flynn cuts Rapunzel’s hair which makes her uninteresting to the witch who gets tossed out of the window.

Flynn seems to be dying and it’s really sad. Rapunzel cries over him and oh wonder, her tears have magical power as well and Flynn heals!!! They finally kiss and it is magical.

At the castle, there is a reunion of parents and lost child and it’s magnificent.



Later we learn that Rapunzel and Flynn marry and everything is peaches and rainbows.

The end.

I absolutely loved this movie. It was fun and sappy and not too long or boring at times, at least in my opinion. I’ll definitely be watching this again. I loved how Rapunzel took care of herself even though she was always taught that she can’t do anything aside from staying inside. She’s a princess BAMF and knows how to handle a frying pan.

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  • I LOVE TANGLED!!!!! It’s just so freaking adorable and I love Rapunzel and Flynn and the relationship with her “mother” is so poignant. UGH it’s amazing! And when the king is all sad before the lantern thing I always want to cry and the LANTERNS CAN WE TALK ABOUT THAT BEAUTIFUL SCENE WITH THE LANTERNS?????? I love Disney magic.

    • THE LANTERNS WERE FREAKING AMAZING!!! I want to print out the gifs and hang them in my room to recreate the feeling, that’s how awesome they are.

  • Return to the ’80s (Paul)

    I loved this movie. I happened to see that it was coming on The Disney Channel, so I watched it, and was not expecting it to be as great as it was. I really enjoyed it and think it is very underrated.

    • Aww, I don’t know if it’s underrated but maybe it is. I really don’t know. It’s a lovely film and one I will definitely be watching again.