Disney (Wednes)Day: Toy Story 3

Disney kicks 2010 off with the second sequel in the Toy Story franchise. Needless to say I never watched this before.

The movie starts with a wild, wild, west sequence. Mr. Potato Head is robbing a train and Woody interferes, or tries to but both their Misses are there to support their better halves. It’s  ridiculous, yet fun scene in which Buzz saves the day in the end before we realise that this is just a part of Andy playing with his toys. I mean, of course it was.

We see Andy’s mom taking videos of Andy playing and growing up until we hit the present in which Andy is about to leave for college. Our favourite toys are gathered in a box somewhere and the toy soldiers are dragging a sock into the box. Inside the sock is a cell phone which they then use to call a number, as one does with cell phones.

Andy is on the receiving end of that hone call but the toys don’t say anything. The toys are feeling neglected and worry about their future. Actually, they are only a handful by this point. Andy used to have way more toys as this. They are having a moment to decide what to do next when the toy soldiers leave on their own account because they don’t want to end up in the garbage which sets the others in motion because they never even thought about maybe not being at this house anymore.

Andy, his sister Molly and their mom come into the room with the mother informing Andy that he really needs to pack and decide what to keep, take with him and throw away but Andy procrastinates some more. Probably because he doesn’t want to make a decision. We’ve all been there.

Then Andy starts and puts everything from the box in a garbage bag, everything but Woody who gets placed in the college box. But Andy doesn’t want to throw the other toys away, they are meant to go in the attic. Only, he gets sidetracked by helping his sister and when his mother finds the garbage bag in the hallway, she takes it and throws it away.

But fear not as Woody and the toys are already on rescue mission and escape before ending up in the garbage truck. They flee into the car where they end up in the donate box which the mom takes to a day care centre.

At the day care centre, the toys are welcomed by the others and a pink bear seems to be the leader of the day care group.

He shows them around and dumps them in the youngsters room. Our lovely friends are all excited because they haven’t been played with in so long. But the longer they are in the room, waiting for recess to end, the more it becomes obvious that the other toys are scared.

Then recess is over and crazy small kids storm in the room and do everything to the toys except play with them properly. Buzz sees that it’s a much calmer and nicer scene over in the other room with the older kids where pink fuzzy bear and the others are.

Meanwhile, Woody somehow made it outside and is picked up by a little girl who takes him home with her. The others are battling for their lives and think that Woody left them.

After the kids leave, the toys recover and decide they want to be put in with the older kids. Only, the can’t escape the room, they’re locked in. Buzz, somehow, finds a way out of the room and stumbles into a meeting of the cool toys club. He explains their demands but the others don’t care and you learn that pink bear is actually kind of a dictator and doesn’t give a shit about anything but his own personal gain. He goes as far as resetting Buzz to use him as some kind of military police an put the other toys in lock up. This sucks so bad!

Meanwhile Woody is with Bonny who is a sweet girl and has nice toys. He finds out that he doesn’t live far from Andy’s and just before he leaves to get back there, he drops the name of the day care centre and the other toys sigh and explain how bad it is there. So, instead of going home, Woody goes back to daycare. There he sees it with his own eyes.

Woody talks with the phone/car toy which informs him on how everything works around daycare and how to get out. It isn’t easy because pink bear has his spies everywhere but Woody is not giving up.

Woody is on mission to free his buddies. Even Barbie gets a grip on her raging hormones and tortures Ken to find out what they did to Buzz.


They manage to change Buzz but he now exclusively talks in Spanish, oh well.

Just when they almost made it out of the centre, pink bear stops them and they have a quarrel which ends with pink bear in a garbage can as well as Woody. So, of course everyone follows as the truck picks up the trash cans and they end up in the community landfill where they are about to get incinerated. Pink bear seems to be about to help them but even in the face of death, he is still an arse.

But fear not, the green minions from movie number two are there to save the day and rescue our friends. And, as luck dictates it, the garbage truck that goes by Andy’s house is there so they can hitch a ride back home with him. Of course.

Back home, the toys gather into their respective boxes, attic and college but before Andy gets there, Woody scribbles a note for the attic box which makes Andy donate the box to little Bonny.

At Bonny’s, Andy shows every toy to the kid and this is where I almost cry because there is just so much emotion attached to all of these guys and you can tell how difficult it is for Andy to give his toys away. In the bottom of the box is Woody and even though he planned on taking him to college, he gives him to Bonny. They play for a while until Andy has to leave.





End credits which are maybe the best of the entire movie.

Now onto my thoughts. This was a pretty decent movie and I liked the ending a lot. The story was much better than the first movie and I think even better than 2 but I was also a little bit sick of the whole, some toy has to save another toy or toys and ugh. It was a pretty long movie and not all that original though I liked dictator bear who was really manipulative and awesome in a mean way. I liked that the toys worked together and there wasn’t much jealousy to go around this time. But the middle of the movie just dragged and you knew where it was going. There was hardly any element of surprise. I don’t know, I guess I just expected more.



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  • UGH the ending of that movie! It gives me so many feels.

    • Right?! It was pretty perfect though imo.

  • Vanessa

    This is one of the very few movies that has actually made me cry, and it happens EVERY DAMN TIME I watch it. Such a great movie, I love it so much, but obviously it’s not for everyone. Spanish Buzz is priceless, the entire movie theatre was laughing really hard through that whole bit.
    And poor Ken, no one understands he’s a metrosexual made ahead of his time! :)

    • Metrosexual Ken, oh boy.
      I know you love these movies and while they’re fine, they just don’t cut it for me. If this project taught me anything though, it’s that I sometimes (okay a lot of the times) have ver differing opinions on Disney movies than most people. The ending however is really sad.