Disney (Wednes)Day: A Christmas Carol

In 2009 Disney released an animated version of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ and I have to say, the Muppets version is way better but onto the movie at hand.

The aforementioned book by Dickens is on a table. Side note, A Christmas Carol so far has been the only Dickens book I liked. The book opens until we hit a page with the face of a dead guy which is where we jump into the real story. Very appropriate for a kids movie.

Scrooge has to sign the death certificate or something but he is a miserable old lad. He doesn’t want to pay for the funeral and even takes the coins off his mate’s eyes.

On his way back to his warehouse, Scrooge passes carollers, as it is close to Christmas,  and they stop singing when he passes because he looks that mean. I think that’s quite the accomplishment.

Personally, I find the animation very distracting. It looks very real but also not and it’s just such a weird look and feel to the thing, I don’t know, you guys.

We pass more people in the streets doing nothing important for the story, like shopping on a street market. Nobody gives a damn about that. Then Scrooge goes to his house.

Cut to 7 Christmases later as Scrooge’s nephew arrives at the warehouse inviting his uncle to dinner with him and the rest of the family but Scrooge rudely declines.

Then, Scrooge gets a letter that was meant for his partner Marley who had died and I think it’s about those folks wanting money for a good cause but obviously Scrooge won’t give any money because he has a very dead cold heart.

Throw in some bickering with his employee before they leave the warehouse for Christmas.

As Scrooge arrives at home, he has ghostly vision at his own front door which frightens him and he investigates all rooms once he gets in. Did Marley live with Scrooge?

Scrooge sits down by the fire in his bedroom which is when he hears a weird sound and the ghost spirit thingy appears in his room.

Big surprise, it’s Marley who can’t leave the between world or something. It’s pretty weird and I don’t think the movie does a particularly good job at showing this thing. Anyway, Marley talks and later shows Scrooge that there are lots of spirits like him floating through the night.

Sometime later, Scrooge is on bed and wakes up to find another ghost spirit thingy which turns out to be the ghost of Christmas Past. Finally. So obviously they travel through Scrooge’s past Christmases, starting with him at boarding school where he was the last left behind or something. At a later Christmas, he was dancing with a pretty woman who later leaves him because he only cares about work and money. I’m sorry if this is a crappy recap but I really wasn’t feeling it with this movie. There was no charm and the animation threw me off more than it helped.

After Scrooge saw the woman leave, he begs the Ghost of Christmas Past to take him back home because he can’t stand looking at what his life was. Which, I get. He used to be a carefree nice lad and then greed and the fear of being poor again struck him.

Back home he finds another jolly fat man waiting for him in a highly decorated room. The Ghost of Christmas Present, he calls himself and reminds me of Bombur from the Hobbit movies. He shows Scrooge what is going on at his employee’s house where a sick child called Tiny Tim is present to which Scrooge takes interest. At his nephew’s the other guests make fun of Scrooge.

You can see how Scrooge’s heart gets lighter and he isn’t as closed off as he once was but he still isn’t fully there yet. So Ghost of Christmas Present reveals two kids under his cloak (WTF?), they represent Want and Ignorance. The Ghost slowly turns into a skeleton and it’s pretty odd and disturbing to this grown woman. Anyway, the Ghost of Christmas Future is the shadow of death and he hunts Scrooge who runs away but varies in size and I am thoroughly confused by this.

It all culminates at the graveyard where Scrooge finds his own tombstone. He dies on Dec 25th and he really doesn’t want to die then but Death doesn’t care and pushes him into the  grave that just opened before him and again, very weird. Oh, also Scrooge has seen people making fun of him at his own funeral and learned that Tiny Tim died.

Then, Scrooge wakes up again in his bed and begins to celebrate because he saw all the bad and whatnot and now he is happy and wants everyone around him to be happy. He helps Tiny Tim and with his care the boy gets better and doesn’t die. He also shows up for dinner at his nephew’s and is welcomed there it’s all so nice and happening way too fast.

The end.

Oy, I was not impressed with this at all. I already mentioned the animation which didn’t work for me and I would have hoped they turned the Dickens story into something different instead of trying to make it with humans and close to real life. It didn’t fit.

I’m familiar with the story but I still didn’t know half of the time what was going on. Some elements were pretty stretched out and I was not a fan how they translated the novel to the movie.

All in all, I was very underwhelmed and was glad when the thing was finally over. It wasn’t even short. If you are looking for a version of Christmas Carol to watch, go with the Muppets movie, it is infinity times better!

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  • The Muppet version is THE BEST version EVER! I do appreciate how this movie tries to stick closely to the book (like the children under the cloak thing – most movies eliminate that part cause it’s really weird and disturbing) but the Muppet version is much better. Cause… obviously. GONZO AND RIZZO FOR THE WIN!

    • Yes, agreed. It’s good that this version tries to be truthful to the original but the animation didn’t work for me at all. I guess that was my biggest gripe with the whole movie but it was just not pleasent to look at for me.