Disney (Wednes)Day: Bolt

The last theatrical realise in 2008 was Bolt, a movie about a dog. Well, that’s a very broad summary of the movie so let’s get on with the recap.

The movie opens with a shot of Silverlake Animal Rescue, where a cute puppy wakes up and starts playing with its carrot toy. All the other puppies are interested in getting adopted by strangers, not so our little guy. But then a girl comes in and it’s basically love at first sight. She names him Bolt and you can tell she really likes him.

5 years later, the girl and her father are on a phone call. He tells her not to go back to their house and I do think this looks a lot like a trailer for a movie. Just like Captain America, Bolt was enhanced through radiation and chemicals to become some kind of super dog/protector of the girl, Penny.

Cut to Bolt and Penny being on a roof, observing what is going on in the building on the other side. The kidnappers have her father and so Penny and Bolt follow one of the guys who is supposed to procure some sort of package. I’m a bit concerned this is going to be a trap and just as I wrote this down, it became reality. I wish this happened as easily in real life. Alas, the kidnappers have no use for Bolt but they also didn’t expect him to fight for his person the way he does.

Penny and Bolt have to run away but they are also followed by helicopters that are dispersing motorcyclists so we get a heavy chase scene montage in which we see how awesome Bolt truly is. They’re on the way to he airport because her father is held somewhere in Bolivia but when they think they’re close, the whole cavalry arrives. t looks hopeless but fear not because Bolt has a magical bark that turns everything into bits and pieces.

Penny then takes a selfie with Bolt before she walks with him into a trailer and I’m a bit confused. AND THEN I REALISE THIS IS A SET FOR A TV SHOW!!! Like, how?! I was really digging the whole chase scene and thought this was a true thing even though it looked a bit like a movie but then again I was watching a movie. My brain hurts just thinking about this.

In the cutting room, the editor gets really pissed when he sees a microphone hanging in a shot. The network lady doesn’t get why it’s important so editor guy goes on a rant.

Apparently Bolt is kept in the dark and he actually thinks he is a super dog who has to protect Penny. This is both awesome and sad but more sad, really. Also, the TV exec tells the editor that he needs higher ratings and that the kids and teens watching think it’s too predictable.

Cut to the trailer where Bolt is guarding the door. Penny can’t get him to play which is sad. SO SAD! I have dog feels, y’all.

Penny asks her agent if she can take Bolt home with her over the weekend but he is a real arse and doesn’t let her. So, instead Bolt stays in the trailer alone over the weekend. That doesn’t seem right.

That night, two cats stroll in to make fun of Bolt because he is so delusional to think he actually is a super dog. They make fun of him and it’s mean. It’s not his fault, damn it!

Another day a scene in Bolivia is shot and we see behind the scenes how the show is shot.

Another day/night I don’t remember, the cats are there again and let the dog out. He runs around for Penny but can’t find her. Instead, his world view gets its first cracks. Then Bolt gets accidentally packed into a box with styrofoam and shipped off someplace else.

Bolt is now free in the real world but he hasn’t checked that last part yet. He’s still looking for Penny and tries it with the help of other dogs and animals but it’s no use. He tries his cool stunts but, oh wonder, they don’t work.

Then Bolt is introduced to Mittens, a cat to end all cats. She realises he is from Hollywood and tries to set him on his way back there but Bolt isn’t going to leave before he found Penny. And also, he isn’t letting Mittens go.

Bolt and Mittens travel via sofa into a U-Haul en route to California. Inside the truck, Mittens and Bolt banter a bit until a box with styrofoam hits Bolt and he goes crazy and jumps off the truck. He believes styrofoam weakens his powers. Oh, dog. Also, Bolt hit himself.

After seeing himself bleed for he first time, he also encounters being hungry for the first time and doesn’t know what to do so Mittens takes charge of the situation. They are not far away from a camp ground and Mittens teaches Bolt how to use the puppy stare to get them food from all the people.

It works really well until they come by a trailer of an old lady who owns fat hamsters. Fat hamster recognises Bolt and gets awestruck as well as wants to join them. So they leave and jump on a moving train. It works but not for too long and they end up somewhere nondescript.

Mittens is so fed up with Bolt, she tells him he is just a TV show character and not actually a  hero. This makes Bolt very sad and he starts barking just when the animal shelter people go by and capture them.

Back on set, Penny gets a new dog but she doesn’t like it because it’s not Bolt.

The fat hamster is still out and about trying to break Mittens and Bolt out of their cages. He manages with Bolt but they have to go to the actual shelter for Mittens. Also, Fat Hamster gives Bolt a much needed pep talk to get the dog out of his crisis of faith and it works.

As they are trying to break Mittens out of the shelter they managed to touch a helium compressed gas cartridge that was standing in one of the rooms to fill balloons. The thing goes KABOOM and my inner safety engineer had to pause and yell at her screen because damn it people, that’s why you are supposed to secure them to the wall or other structure because once they fall, they go crazy and can hit people very nastily. </rant>

Once again the gang is back together. Now they only have to hitch a ride back to Hollywood and oh, of course a truck with a house comes by so they all jump on board.

We get a lovely montage of Bolt playing around various parts of America and finally being a real dog. He still wants to go back to Penny though. Mittens can’t understand him, she thinks Penny just sees Bolt as a stupid dog and doesn’t care.

Bolt sure as hell gets proved that as he arrives just when Penny does a screen test with another dog that looks like him so he sads away. The stand-in is afraid though as is evident in the shoot.

Mittens, despite her earlier quarrel with Bolt, followed the dog to the stage. Then Bolt hears Penny crying out for help because the set is on fire. For reals! He doesn’t hesitate and goes in for his person. In the end, he rescues Penny.

Penny’s mother fires the manager because he is a gigantic asshole and also, they finish the show. Bolt, Mittens and Fat Hamster find a home with Penny and he mother.

The end.

I loved this movie. I didn’t expect to love it this much but the story was great and relatable even if I’m not a dog I can see aspects that are applicable to my own life in it. Also, the visuals were great and I wasn’t as bored as I was with other movies before. All in all, I loved it! Especially since Penny was a badass action character and it’s great they chose a girl for this role and not a boy.


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