Disney (Wednes)Day: Tinker Bell

When I created my list of which theatrically released Disney movies to watch, Tinker Bell was listed on Wikipedia as one of those and as I didn’t check each and every one of the listed movies for actually being theatrical releases, I put this one in my list but as I checked the list today it wasn’t on it anymore because Tinker Bell was a 2008 straight to video or, you know, DVD, release but as I watched it nonetheless and don’t have time to watch another movie instead, you’re getting this recap.

The movie opens with the shot of an animated flower, followed by a voice over voice overingly asking us (the audience) if we know how nature gets its glow and various other things that we obviously don’t have a ready answer to. Because, dun dun dun, it’s fairies. They make everything beautiful and when a baby laughs for the first time, that’s when a fairy gets its wings. Also, laughs travel on dandelion seeds! The more you know.

We travel with the seed and a song over to an island far far away where fairies awake from flowers and I am taken aback because there are boy fairies? This is news to me. There is a fairy assembly, gold glow-y dust is poured on something in the middle of all and a fairy is born.

The newborn fairy with wings looks a bit like Tinker Bell only younger and confused. She is welcomed to Pixie Hollow by the Queen. Well, I call her the Queen because who needs actual names. But our fairy isn’t done yet after learning how to fly, she also has to pick/find a talent so she is presented with a bunch of things. The first couple she tries aren’t hers, then she walks past a hammer sort of thing which starts glowing and following so she apparently is a Tinker Fairy and gets named Tinker Bell. Two doofus looking boy fairies appear to take her home to her respective part of the island.

We get a whole lot of info dump about Pixie Hollow and the fairy life. There are different kinds of fairies, those responsible for the seasons, for animals, and for everything else. They arrive in the workshop where basically everything the other fairies need, gets produced.

Tinker Bell even has a house in town already which looks like a tree house Hobbit hole. Very interesting concept.

As the two guys show her around the Tinker life, they get in some kind of mishap, come upon the garden/spring(?) fairies with which Tinker Bell bonds quickly. One of them sounds like Kristin Chenoweth and Wikipedia confirmed this. Apparently, Lucy Liu is also voicing one of them but I didn’t catch that. Also, Mae Whitman is Tinker Bell, which is so cool. I had no idea!

Back to the story. The guys deliver goodies and when they come upon Vidia, a fast flying fairy, Tinker Bell leaves to try and bond with her only Vidia really isn’t interested and is pretty rude. Tink talks about going to the mainland just as the other fairies because she heard it from the spring fairies but Vidia rains on her parade by explaining that Tinker fairies don’t go to the mainland. Womp, womp.

Tink flies away in anger and comes upon miscellaneous lost things which she takes great interest with. She brings it back to the woodshop (I always have to think of Santa when I hear/read this). The guys are impressed but the matron tinker fairy isn’t giving a flying rats ass.

The Queen’s review of spring is that night and everyone is busy trying to get their stuff ready. As this is news to Tinker Bell, she starts working on stuff long after everyone is done.

In Springtime Square, the Minister of Spring is showing the Queen all the preparations until Tink barges in with her inventions. She shows them off but they don’t work well or really, at all and makes a fool out of herself. Also, the Queen then has to inform poor little Tinker Bell that tinker fairies don’t go to the mainland and Tink is sad.

The matron tries to encourage Tinker Bell but doesn’t succeed. So, Tinker Bell is determined to proof everyone wrong and become something else. She tries first with the gardening/spring fairies. And while they are all great pals with lots of patience and Tink tries very hard, it just isn’t working. She fails miserably, one time ending with a light up buttocks of hers.

Back in the woodshop, the matron is fairly disappointed in the two guys and insults them. Meanwhile Tinker Bell tries out teaching baby birds how to fly. Um, it’s not going so well, so when she spots a hawk, she goes to ask him for help only that’s apparently a thing you don’t do and she has to hide. Unfortunately, our girl picks the wrong hiding spot and by wrong I mean Vidia’s. Vidia gets ridiculed as she has a whole bunch of berries drop on her which she of course blames on Tinker Bell.

Tinker Bell goes in search of more lost things or maybe just needs to be somewhere else. She finds a ballerina figurine that’s disassembled and puts it back together just by feeling. That’s my description because she clearly doesn’t know what it’s supposed to be. The spring girls take this as a sign for encouragement but Tink isn’t having any of it.

Instead, Tinker Bell goes to Vidia to ask her to teach her how to be a fast flying fairy. So Vidia gets all maniacal and makes her chase some weird seed creatures? IDK what they are supposed to be but they are crazy and run around all day. So Tinker Bell chases them through the fields and then through the springtime square which obviously destroys everything! O_o

The Queen arrives to this destruction. Tinker Bell steps forward as the perpetrator and the ministers all talk about whether spring is even possible like this or if they have to postpone it. Difficult times.

Tinker Bell is at the fairy dust pond because she needs a big refill, she wants to leave the island forever. Terence, the guy who poured the dust over her in the beginning, does so but is also very surprised she even knows his name because he is not important so our girl goes into a lengthy explanation why he’s important which makes her realise something about herself.

Back in the woodshop, she goes into deep thinking and comes up with a way to quicken the preparations just in time as the Queen informs everyone that spring can’t arrive in time.

So Tinker Bell introduces her inventions which work this time and also Vidia shows herself as the antagonist that she is and gets sent away. Tinker Bell then proceeds to make more of her thingies to help the others and we see how quickly everything gets ready for spring.

The Queen is very impressed and as the guys haul the dancer figurine over, the Queen informs Tinker Bell that she has to go to the mainland and deliver it. Matron came upon the figurine before but didn’t know what to make of it so Tinker Bell clearly is a magnificent talent. Everyone is happy, Tink embraces matron and thanks her. So sweet. I think I may have selective hay fever here.

So the fairies make spring happen and it’s gorgeous and so cool and then Tinker Bell delivers the figurine to a girl named Wendy.

The end.

This was a sweet movie, not that the plot was very difficult or special but it was still a nice, short thing to watch. Though I still don’t quit understand how this is works as a prequel to Peter Pan.

The movie has some nice ideas and tries to make us proud of who we are. We may not always be happy with the hands we get dealt but when you stick to what you know and can, that’s great. You could also argue that this is kind of like raining on your parade and the whole “you can do whatever you set your mind to”-thing. Well, pick your own moral.

Also, I worry for the fairies now that Tinker Bell has found a quicker, more efficient way to prepare for the seasons, will some fairies get laid off work? Will there be unemployment in Pixie Hollow? I mean, it kind of is the story of the industrialisation or something. Disney, you leave me hanging here.

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