beyond loved

Last night my beloved Grandma nearly made me cry when she told me about how happy it made her and my deceased Grandpa when I came over every day while my Mom was at work. We had talked about the role women had back in the day; how they were mostly perceived as cheap labour, her words not mine.

That was not necessarily the case for her and her husband but they always worked and when they didn’t work to pay off their debt, she was busy taking care of her mother-in-law, kids, own mother and the house. She never had the time to enjoy watching her kids grow up in the way she had with me. Additionally it’s different when it’s your grandchild instead of your own, the expectations are different.

She told me how, sometimes when Mom dropped me off in the morning, she let everything else she was working on go and instead focussed on me. Again, thinking about this makes me tear up again because that is such a sweet sentiment and one I’m incredibly grateful for. I truly am a lucky person.

I may not have had a loving and good father but I had a mother and a grandmother who were more than devoted. I grew up loved and never missed anything in that department. It’s difficult to put into words how much this means to me because not everyone is this lucky. Not everyone has the benefit of spending most days with a devoted grandmother, who cooks for you, lets you watch TV, helps you with your homework and plays games with you while your parents are at work.

I’m not only happy for my own benefit though, also hers. Because, as she put it, she got a second chance to enjoy life through watching me grow up. Through endless stories I heard and keep hearing, I know her life was a decent one but always full of turmoil, of sick people, too much work and loved ones dying earlier than they should have. I’m glad I could make her life brighter just as she had made mine.

In short, I feel incredibly blessed. For the life I’m able to lead due to both of the hard work of my Mom and my grandparents. For not having to grow up in the 30s, 40s or 50s. For knowing I was am am still loved unconditionally and whole heartedly. For being this lucky. Sometimes, simple things like this help me put my life back into perspective and remind me, how truly good I have it.

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    <3 This one made me smile.