Disney (Wednes)Day: Ratatouille

Ratatouille was the second and last theatrical Disney release of 2007. I only know the dish by the same nam but that’s about to change so here comes to the recap.

The movie starts with what looks like a newscast that tells us that the best food is served in Paris, France. I don’t know about that but okay. Chef Gusteau is supposed to be THE chef there is.

Cut to a rat jumping out of a window. We get some info dump on him. His name is Remy and he was born with a highly sensitive sense of smell. He has a brother, Emile and a father who doesn’t approve of Remy and his un-rat-ish ways. Emile is easily impressed whereas their father is never impressed. One day though, Remy saves the whole rat colony from poison and thus he becomes the clan’s poison checker. Not a fun job.

Remy isn’t content eating garbage like the other rats. He likes fresh stuff and cooking. He finds a mushroom in the wild and makes Emily come up with him to a roof so they can roast it over the chimney and enjoy it with some cheese Emile found. But they get hit by lightning. Not to worry though, he roasted lightning-y note is even better than the normal roasting and Remy wants to recreate this again. Until he thinks of saffron and how it would improve the taste even more so into the house they go.

Emile isn’t happy with this development but Remy assures him, he has done this many times before and they’re safe after the old lady put on her cooking show. The TV informs they though that Chef Gusteau is dead. A critic took away one of his stars from his restaurant and IDK if he died because of that but I think so.

Just then the old lady wakes up, sees the rats and starts firing her rifle. And this is the point where I yell at my screen that this is the French countryside and not the US. Not every person is packed under their teeth with guns and rifles but moving on.

Old lady starts shooting everywhere and nowhere to the point where she shoots the ceiling out of the ceiling and there is our rat nest. She gets even more furious and everyone flees. Remy is one of the last and he misses the boat where his father is on and he gets permanently separated from everyone.

He waits in the sewers but is lovely and hungry. He starts looking at his cookbook of Gusteau that he used as a float and suddenly the picture of Gusteau starts talking to him.


With that encouragement, Remy climbs up and finds himself in the heart of Paris and also close to Gusteau’s restaurant. Rey is getting followed around by this little ghost version of Gusteau who keeps telling him how to behave and such. It’s fun.



Inside the restaurant kitchen we see a frightened looking boy. He is apparently the some of Renata, whoever that is, and wants a job in the kitchen. The current chef, a tiny guy, makes him the garbage boy. While doing his garbage boy job, he ruins the soup. Rey gets so enraged with how the boy tries to fix it that he falls inside the kitchen. From there it takes while to get back into a safe spot because a rat in a kitchen is not the best.

The boy tastes the soup and throws up because it’s that disgusting. So Remy intervenes and fixes it. The boy sees the rat but before he can really do anything the chef comes in and sees Linguini by the soup and demands answers.

The soup is supposed to go to a customer though before anyone can do anything and it ends up in the hands of yet another critic. And guess what, they LOVED it. Obvi.

The chef wants to fire Linguini but the girl cook says that would be against everything Gusteau stood for. His believe was that everybody can cook so the chef, begrudgingly, gives Linguini the chance to recreate the soup.

Remy wants to space the kitchen but everyone sees and Linguini catches him in a mason jar. He is supposed to get rid of Remy but can’t in the end. Instead, he starts talking to the rat. They agree to help each other so Linguini (that’s a kind of pasta btw) takes Remy home and they fall into sleep.

The next morning, Linguini awakes and it looks like Remy left but instead the rat made breakfast for the both of them. Only, Remy doesn’t get to enjoy his own labour as they are late for work.

They haven’t yet found a great way to communicate and so Linguini looks like a complete mad man jerking around. He takes Remy into the refrigerator for a talk. The chef comes in and sees the rat but somehow they manage to escape that situation and instead find a way for Remy to navigate Linguini, so to say, by pulling on his hair. It takes some getting used to and the rat and boy practice in their apartment until they have it down, mostly.

The next day, Linguini manages to recreate the soup so he is hired and Colette, that’s the girl cook, gets put in charge of him and showing him the ropes around the kitchen. She goes on a feministic rant and I couldn’t love her more for it. Preach, girl! Preach!

Meanwhile the chef has a marketing, IDK-what, session in his office. He seems to exploit Gusteau’s name in every way possible, ugh. Then he reads a letter which states that Linguini is supposedly the son of Gusteau. The lawyer suggests a paternity test because if it is true, the restaurant will be Linguini’s. Womp, womp.

Colette teaches Linguini while also giving him the dish on all the other people in the kitchen.

A customer then comes and asks for something new, something that wasn’t on the menu so the task gets handed off to Linguini. The boy goes off recipe though, which gets everyone’s panties in a twist until the waiter comes back saying the customer loved it and everyone wants the special order now.

The chef thinks he sees Remy but doesn’t so the guy feels like he is getting paranoid now.

Outside the restaurant, Remy runs into Emile, his brother, and they reunite which is nice.

Meanwhile the chef is making Linguini drunk in the hopes of finding out more about the rat but the boy doesn’t give in. Rey on the other hand, tries to teach Emile about tastes and cooking but the rat doesn’t get it. Instead he wants Remy to join the colony again because what’s more important than family, right?! So Remy goes back to the colony with Emile.

The father is happy to see Remy again but mostly because they didn’t have a poison tester anymore. When Remy explains what he does every day, his father tries to ratsplain him how evil humans are and the crap. But Remy isn’t taking any of it and thus returns to the restaurant.

Next morning, Linguini is completely hungover. He can’t function at all but Remy manages to make him appear to be working through pulling his hairs. Colette comes in, tells Linguini that she liked him and runs aways because he is behaving stupid since he is hungover. Outside the restaurant, L catches up to Colette, confesses his feelings for her and almost tells her about Remy but the rat makes the boy kiss Colette instead and everything is fine again.

The chef finds out that Linguini actually is the heir of the restaurant. Whoops.

Rey gets thrown out by Linguini, well not completely but the rat feels like that and thus returns to the clan. But the rat breaks into the chef’s office and sees the will and everything. He somehow informs the boy and everything seems great. Only, the movie isn’t over yet.

The big bad critic who took away one of Gusteau’s stars comes in and demands something new. Linguini and Remy have another disagreement though and Remy leaves. The ex-chef sees them talking to each other though.

Remy is mad at L so he invites the whole clan into the kitchen to steal all the food.

After a while, Linguini comes back into the restaurant though to apologise to Remy and it’s all sunshine kittens rainbows until L sees that all the rats are there.

On the big day, where they’re supposed to cook for THE critic, Linguini is freaking out because, well, he really can’t cook. Remy is watching but Emile is there as well and Remy has to save Emile from ending in a trap and thus ends in it himself. The trap belongs to the ex-chef who puts it in the trunk of his car. But fear not because the rat family is about to break Remy out of there.

Remy runs back to restaurant to help Linguini. Everyone else screams RAT so L has to explain to them who Remy is and that it doesn’t work without him. They all leave. Even Colette.

We see Colette driving away on her motorcycle without wearing a helmet (THIS IS DANGEROUS, KIDS) when she comes upon a shop window with Gusteau’s cook book and she remembers his famous belief that everyone can be a cook. And she probably returns soon.

Meanwhile, Remy and his dad have a moment. He finally respects his son and oh, this is sweet. Just then a health inspector comes in and sees all the rats. The clan takes care of him. I mean, Remy made them all clean before he invited them in this time as help.

With the whole clan’s help, Remy sets to creating a fantastic meal and keeping the kitchen open.

The critic gets served Ratatouille and he gets a childhood flashback, that’s how good it is. He wants to see the chef but Linguini tells him that must have to wait until everyone is gone. So they tell the critic everything and he doesn’t say much about it. But we get his opinion later in a voice over as he writes an article? I’m not sure. He calls Remy the finest chef in all of Paris though it didn’t help. The restaurant was closed up by the health inspector and the critic lost all his street cred. It doesn’t matter in the end though because he invested in Remy and Linguini and let them open a new restaurant and everyone is happy.



The end.

This movie! It seriously warmed my heart and made me happy. It was rather long in comparison to other Disney movies but I didn’t get bored throughout it. In fact, I could relate to Remy a lot because who doesn’t have that family member they can’t ever please? Or they feel like they can’t fit in with the rest of their peers? I know I can and have felt like that more times then was appropriate.

It also tells us that we should go after our dreams even if it doesn’t seem like something we can at first but everyone can be a cook and that’s transferable into every other aspect of life. So, great movie was great.


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  • I only saw this movie once but I remember it was super adorable. Also, I kinda love that they didn’t ignore that rats are a health code violation. IDK but I think it was a good touch.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      It IS super adorable! Yep, rats are health code violations but I love how even the rat knew it and washed its hands and also washed all the clan members at the end.

  • Return to the ’80s (Paul)

    I saw this movie in the theater when it came out, and I remember enjoying it. I don’t think I’ve seen it again since then. I think this was actually the last Pixar or Disney animated movie that I saw in the theater.

    Anyway, I liked all of the voice acting in this movie, and it was a nice story.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      It was a really good movie, one I greatly enjoyed. You should watch it again when you get the time.