‘Sundark’ by Elizabeth Watasin

‘Sundark’ by Elizabeth Watasin was advertised as a Victorian Goth novel with lesbians so um, I was curious but I guess this wasn’t what I expected. Not that I really know what I expected when I requested this. But lets take it from the top.

So, ‘Sundark’ is about Elle Black who is ‘legally’ married to Faedy via a contract. IDK how exactly this is working but they feel comfortable enough to not hide their marriage from the public. Elle is called to a mechanical hotel┬áthat turns around its own axis because guests keep disappearing and she is some sort of psychic detective. I didn’t really understand how exactly the house mechanics worked but okay. There were a lot of things I didn’t fully understand.

The first chapter was incredibly info-dumpy and throughout the whole novel it felt to me more like a set-up for a series than a stand alone book. Maybe it will be a series but the plot of this novel didn’t spike my interest too much. That though could totally be my own taste because the spirit part reminded me too much of Supernatural which also bores me to death.

I don’t want to give away the ending and so I won’t. I was a bit put off by Elle being separate from her wife through most of the story though the author tried to take care of that through their regularly exchanged letters. It wasn’t quite enough for me though. Maybe, and here come in the expectations, I was expecting more of that.

As much as this felt like a prequel to a series, it still had lots that took me by surprise, like Elle’s ex-husband being a vampire and such. Why? I guess, it’s just a genre that isn’t for me. I love ghosts but to me they are also mostly nice round fellas; friendly and all that. Spirits that take away life just aren’t. It’s not my world so maybe someone with an affinity for the supernatural stuff would have liked this story a lot more. I came for the lesbians and well, I hardly stayed for them. I was just glad this book was on the shorter side of things.

I’m sorry I don’t have more to say on this but that says something about a book as well, right? It wasn’t good enough to let me give a raving review but also not bad enough that I could take it apart bit by bit. It sits somewhere in the no man’s land between those two.

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