Disney (Wednes)Day: Meet the Robinsons

We start the year 2007 off with Meet the Robinsons. Again, I have not seen this one before so let’s dive in.

On a rainy day, a woman we can’t see the face of is dropping her baby off on the doorstep of an orphanage.

Cut to the boy version of said baby. He is building something out of a toaster and a hat. I have no idea what this is supposed to be but he seems to be quite the inventor. With him, his roommate Goob, who seems to be way into baseball.

Lewis, that’s our boy, really does want to be adopted and there is a family at the orphanage to see him. I think Lewis is a sweet kid though he starts talking about his inventions and the family can’t deal with that. The father asks after sports but Lewis really DGAF about sports. Instead he explains his newest invention, something to evenly distribute peanut butter and jelly on a PB&J sandwich. Of course the thing jams and Lewis covers the family and half the room in PB&J. What he couldn’t know was that the father was highly allergic to peanuts and his face starts swelling up. Um, okay. I would actually think that the peanut allergy comes more into play when you eat peanuts instead of having them on your skin. But, I’m not a doctor and have no experience with allergies so what the heck. Of course they don’t adopt Lewis. *sigh*

Lewis runs up to the roof, trying to be alone when the orphanage lady comes to try and cheer him up. But this was interview number 124 and the kid is upset. Legit if you ask me. He takes what she is saying wrong and determines to find his birth mother. He thinks that because he saw her once as a baby, the image of her face is stuck in his brain and he needs to invent something to locate that memory. We then get a studying/inventing montage.

The boy worked all night, keeping Goob up who is tired but still going to his little league game. Lewis is also not interested in another interview with a potential family. Instead, he is late for his science fair presentation so off he goes.

At the science fair, the judge is a lady who does sound a lot like Lewis, it’s funny. I wonder what becomes of that. Anyway, we see a couple of the presentations. One involves volcano, another one fire ants. Lewis, after arriving, gets wanted by some boy about the Bowler Hat Guy. I don’t know what is going on. But we do see this weird guy walking around the fair and he does seem mighty creepy.

Anyway. Lewis makes his presentation but the bowler hat of BHG is actually a flying thing that unscrews part of Lewis’ experiment. So naturally the thing goes KABOOM! Everything goes haywire. Meanwhile Lewis is sad and embarrassed so he runs away to his rooftop. He rips up his notebook and looks miserable. But the kid who warned him earlier is there as well. And it turns out the boy is from the future here to rescue the timeline or something.

Cut to them traveling into the future. Everything is so shiny and new. Weird. But then they crash the time machine and  the boy, who’s name is Wilbur, makes Lewis repair the time machine and promises to take him back in time to see who his mother is. Hoo boy.

Back in the present, Bowler Hat Guy has packed up Lewis’ invention and is at a company trying to pass it off as his own. Only, he has no idea how to turn the thing on. Hahahaha. Serves you right.

In the future, everything is weird. Mostly the people and I can’t really recap all the encounters Lewis has there because they are difficult to explain. The C3PO rip off informs Wilbur that he altered the time stream by bringing Lewis into the future so his own existence is in jeopardy.

Meanwhile Lewis runs into an old guy. Again, I don’t know who to make sense of this. It does make me think of a modern day version of Alice in Wonderland. When Wilbur and Lewis reunite, Wilbur asks him all kinds of questions about the family members he met. It’s funny.

Back in the present, BHG goes to the orphanage to poison little Goob’s mind with his words. Ugh. Not a fan!

In the future, Lewis learns that the company motto is ‘keep on moving’ which he finds kind of obnoxious. Wilbur then gives Lewis a tour of his father’s time machine invention hall of fame. It’s actually pretty cool. There are only 2 working time machines and BHG stole one. They crashed the other one. Highly motivated, Lewis fixes their time machine but when they want to leave it shows he didn’t fix it. Bummer.

Bowler Hat Guy has also now made it into the future and is eavesdropping on the Robinson clan. It’s also time for the Robinson family dinner. Lewis has to wear a hat because otherwise the people could tell by his hair that he is from the past. Okay, movie, whatever. It all ends in a food fight. Lewis also shows them his invention for the PB&J but it is still not working properly. Only, the Robinsons are really supportive and loving. Awww. When they find out that Lewis is an orphan, they want to adopt him until he reveals that he is in fact from the past. Which also explains the dinosaur being there that I didn’t mention until now. Whoops.

Then Wilbur has to explain how the time machine 1 is broken and 2 is stolen and also that he won’t actually take Lewis back in tome to meet his mother. This blows.

Lewis us once again upset, and rightfully so, so he runs away and into the arms of BHG.

BHG wants to know how the invention works and somehow (don’t ask me how) it turns out that Lewis is actually Wilbur’s dad. Oy, I can see the trouble!Alos, BHG is Goob who is upset with Lewis for keeping him awake because then he fell asleep at his little league game and missed an important shot. Also, the hat, who’s name is Doris, was an invention by Lewis.

Lightning and storm, the Robinsons ahem turned unto Hat Zombies. This is freakish.

Lewis has enough and travels back into the present and also to uninvent Doris, muhahaha.  In the end, the time line is repaired and Lewis asks the Robinsons to take care of old Goob but the guy has disappeared.

Then we get adult Lewis and boy Lewis in the same scene. This is against everything I have ever learned about time travel and just screams trouble! Lewis is sad he has to return to the present but the Robinson grandparents suggest to just go back to the science fair, it will all make sense then.

But first, they don’t go to the science fair, Wilbur keeps his promise and takes Lewis to see his mother. It’s a sweet moment. In the end though, Lewis chickens out and doesn’t look at the woman’s face. He decided that it doesn’t matter for him anymore. Seriously though, this kid crosses more of his own timeline than can be healthy.

Back home at the baseball game, Lewis makes sure Goob is awake to catch his important ball.

At the science fair, Lewis asks for a second chance at presenting his invention and the judge is his volunteer. She asks for the time of when she got married and it turns out, she got married to old grandpa Robinson!

You can see it all coming together. The Robinsons are obviously adopting Lewis and we get a whole montage of them moving into their new house and Lewis growing up. I totally did not start crying when they were first in the new house, nope, totally not.

The end.

This movie was fun though I hated to watch it with recapture eyes. I can totally see this being great to watch just for fun but like this it was exhausting. Still liked it and I’m probably going to watch it again at some point.

I love the way that Lewis in the end gave up on hi quest to find his mother and instead embraced his chosen family. And also big shout out to the orphanage woman for not shaming Lewi’s biological mother for dropping her son off at their doorstep.

And in the end, I love a science-y nerdy kid. What’s not to love?!



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