Disney (Wednes)Day: Bambi II

A warm welcome to this first Disney Day of 2015 which I start off with the first theatrical release of 2006. Only 9 more years to go, y’all! Bambi II wasn’t released theatrically in the US but a lot of other countries which is why this is on the list and not lying somewhere to die with all the other straight to video sequels like Mulan 2 or Pocahontas 2.

Back in the very beginning of this project, I already loved on Bambi. This movie holds the record for the longest time between sequels because the original Bambi movie came out in  1942. Onto the movie now.

The movie opens with snowflakes falling in the forest. We hear ‘mamma, mamma’ yells but also know that they won’t be answered because we all saw the first movie. This is already giving me too many feels! The Prince is there to tell little Bambi that his mother won’t be able to be there anymore. Together, they’re making their way to a cave.

Our good friend Owl (owl shots, it’s been so long since I could use my tag last) offers his services to the Prince. The Prince wants Owl to find a doe to take care of Bambi now that his own mother is dead. *sobs* Owl suggests that Prince does it himself because of the winter, good does are hard to find and he is, after all, Bambi’s father. Begrudgingly so, Prince agrees to be his father until spring.

Title cards and a sad song that is also really beautiful and makes me almost cry. We see winter turning into almost spring with lots of shots of different animals. It’s hella cute and feelsy.

Cut back to Bambi waking up alone in the cave. He gets a bit worried and runs outside, right into Prince who lectures him on being awake early or something. The young thing is supposed to get a lesson in something but his stomach growls. Prince clears a pathc of dead grass/roots from the snow for but suddenly Bambi isn’t so hungry anymore.

The fatherly advice: “a prince doesn’t woo-hoo” has me chuckling. Bambi is told to walk with pride which isn’t working out so well for the small animal because he can’t jump like his father and such. It’s still adorable to watch him try.

They made their way across the forest to check up on some other deers but only observe from a distance which makes Bambi sad. He wants to play with others. He tries to convince his father that it’ important for youngsters to play and I would agree with that. Only Prince isn’t having any of it.

Then we meet my favourite, Thumper! He is back!!!! And is being followed by a whoel bunch of his obnoxious bunny sisters. I love that. Bambi has to leave and we are all a bit sad over it. But Bambi can’t walk like a grown deer and so the father suggests Bambi return to his friend.

The reunite and Flower is there as well! This is like a school reunion only it’s fun! The animals all gather around Owl for something. Apparently the ground hog has to come out of his hole and do/say something which will tell the others if spring is on its way or not. HOOKAY.

The ground hog is afraid to come out though so Owl has to assist in that. Oh, Bambi’s girlfriend Faline is also there. The ground hog determines there is no shadow so spring is on its way. Okay, good to know.

There is a new kid on the block and he is there to try for Faline’s heart. His name is Ronno and he is a small idiot who also looks a bit rough. Basically, he is the bad boy mistake almost every heterosexual woman makes once in her life. Also, Ronno has horns already which is a very mature thing but his personality is that of a frat boy.

Then all the animals get called back home by their mothers. All but Bambi. Faline suggests she and her mother drop him off but Bambi wants to wait. And wait he does. It’s pretty heartbreaking if you ask me.

I don’t think the Great Prince is coming to get hime as he slowly falls asleep. Bambi dreams of summer and his mother is still alive. I have had too many dreams in which my mother was still alive. I mostly wanted to get out of them because I still knew she was dead and it was a painful mess and all.  Anyway, own trauma aside, Bambi wakes up and he hears a female voice telling him ‘I’m here‘ so he runs after that voice.

Nothing is there though, it’s a trick to get him into the open. Suddenly dogs run towards him but he is too dumbfounded to run away. Thankfully the Prince hears the dogs and runs for he knows it’s Bambi who is in trouble. Prince fight the dogs but is mad at Bambi for freezing like that.




Prince tells Owl that now that spring is almost there, it should be easy to find a new mother for Bambi. *sobs some more*

Cut to the Thumper family. It’s adorable and everything you want in a bun family #justsaying

Prince isn’t going through the forest with Bambi. Instead a sad B has to stay close to the dam. Thumper and Flower come over and Bambi tells them what bothers him. He thinks the Prince isn’t liking him anymore because he isn’t brave enough. Bambi thinks he has to show hime how brave he really is so they poke the bear in form of a porcupine. It isn’t working the way they planned.

Then Ronno appears to charm Faline some more. Thankfully, the girl has more sense than to be charmed by this douche. Bambi stands up for his girl and I like that. There, he can be brave.

Ron goes after Bambi and Bambi can only escape by making an exceptional jump which his father sees and is impressed with.

The next day, Thumper and Bambi are doing some jumping training. Prince thinks it’s ridiculous but it’s also cute. Everything about this movie is cute and I say that with all the love I have in my tiny heart.

The Prince gets news that Owl has met with a couple of does.

In an attempt to connect with his father, Bambi goes over to where the Prince is listening to the forest to ask what he is doing. It’s a very sweet moment; Prince is observing. He can feel when something is wrong in the forest. They have a heart to heart and Bambi gets to go along with his father again. *sigh*

That whole scene had my heart overflow with joy and FEELS!

Over the next couple of shots we can see the father-son relationship has improved massively but it softens Prince up a lot and once he realises, he doesn’t want to anymore because it isn’t the proper thing for The Great Prince to be doing. Ugh. Give me a break.

Owl gets there to introduce Bambi’s new mother and Bambi doesn’t like getting pushed into this one bit. All of Bambi’s friends say goodbye as he is supposed to leave with the doe. SAD PANDA!

Ronno makes a scene and then the doe gets stuck in a trap. She tells Bambi to run into safety. The dogs are already on to her when the Prince jumps in last minute to save her.

This has Bambi on the run though. But our little friend isn’t so little anymore. He utilises the porcupine and all the things he learned from his father. He ends up on the meadow again but he listens to the forest and the ground. All in all, he fights a great battle but in the end, falls off a cliff and it seems like he may be dead as he isn’t waking up. Prince is very concerned with this. In the end though, Bambi wakes up again. HUZZAH!

Some time later, we see that Bambi’s antlers are coming in and there is more father son awesomeness.

The end.

I loved this movie SO MUCH! I expected this to be a terrible sequel because they usually aren’t as good as the original. But this gives actual back story as to what happens in the winter after Bambi’s mother died which is greatly appreciated. And it was done very nicely. I was so not disappointed by this which makes me happy. I also love that The Great Prince steps up and raises Bambi even though he doesn’t want to. He doesn’t always make the best decisions but in the end always comes through for him.

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