2015 enters *throws glitter*

Wow, it’s 2015 already, how did that happen? I really don’t know. As I said last year, I don’t do resolutions like losing weight, doing this and that and while that’s still true, there are a couple of things that I do want to do in 2015 but I don’t think of them as resolutions. Maybe I’m wrong but who cares, this is my blog and I’m its blogtator. Yeah, that’s a thing I just made up, just go with it.

I now have more than a full year of working a real life gown-up job under my belt. I learned a lot about trying to juggle it all and sometimes I was more scraping by then being on top of it all. I partially blamed the internet for it and my stupid quest to try and see/read/watch it all. Well, for 2015 I give myself permission to let go every once in a while.

Again, it may sound stupid but I feel myself inching to become a better version of myself ever so slowly. Changes are happening. The other night I couldn’t sleep because my brain was turning over and over. I see my own faults and shortcomings very clearly and often know how to better them but it still takes me forever to rectify them. In one of my favourite reads of this year (Redwoodian by Alysia Gray Painter if anyone asks) I read a sentence that rang more than true for me and I need to remember itĀ “You’re not on anyone else’s timeline. Only your own.” I should get that printed on a wall or something so that I can remember it every damn day.

I can inch all I want, as long as I’m moving forward. I can’t help it if I can’t go any faster with this thing or another that’s on my mind. And it’s okay. See above about letting things go.

It’ll also be very good to be done with the Disney posts at the beginning of summer because those are a huge time suck. While it’s a great project, it takes up too much of my free time, especially on the weekends.

And then there are two things that I want to do in 2015, one is about myself and the gorgeous nature around me and the other one is about vlogging.

Last year I bought a new backpack and a hiking map of parts of my area. As soon as the weather gets less winter-y, I want to go hiking, exploring my surroundings more. I keep passing some places when I’m driving to clients for work and I need to get out more. This also ties in with the letting go thing. I love being active as much as I love sitting on the couch reading or watching a TV show. I need to balance it better.

The other thing is me planning on making a letter to each month vlog. I made a ‘dear september’ vlog in 2014 and I liked the idea of devoting one video to every month as a better way of keeping track of what I did and also keeping me vlogging. I really like the medium but never know what to vlog about outside of some tags or VEDA and vlogmas etc. And especially with the dear month vlogs, I feel like I can be a little bit more art-sy and pretentious and more experimental. It helps me go look and see my world differently as I search for images to capture.

So there you have it. My non-resolution-resolutions. Like I said, I may be kidding myself but I don’t so much see the above mentioned as resolutions. It’s not a list of unachievable things, I have thought hard about them and some of them have been in theĀ notes on my phone for months. No hasty things.

And in the end, the best thing about every year are the spontaneous things that happen. I had no idea I would travel to Paris, London and Canada when 2014 rolled around. I had no clue I would meet so many friends in real life and see so many cities. I have no idea what 2015 will bring in that department just yet but I can only hope it will be equally as amazing as 2014 was.

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  • cupitonians

    For my sake (it’s always for my sake when I ask for these things) I do hope you carry through with your vlog idea. I love your vlogs and if I can have more of it without having to beg, why not? Hope your 2015 turns out to be even more adventurous than the last year!

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      I made the first video and it was pretty short but I did it. And here’s to a fantastic 2015 for the both of us :-)