Disney (Wednes)Day: Chicken Little

It actually pleases me incredibly that for this last post in 2014 I recap the last theatrical animated Disney release of 2005, Chicken Little. My FauxCD brain is very pleased by this and by being able to start 2015 with a new year in Disney history. Okay, onto the movie that I have never seen before and am feeling ambivalent about beforehand. (These sound like very dumb sentences, I apologise.)

The movie starts with a voice over but it’s not you typical voice over because it wants to do something special and not the typical book opening or sunset from The Lion King thing. I get it, you’re being self aware and I’m liking it! Then our narrator settles on just starting with the day that took a turn for the worst.

Cue dreamy wibbly wobbly pictures until Chicken Little is in the schools bell tower ringing the bell and telling everyone to run for their lives. Not dramatic at all #sarcasm

The Fire Department is on it and everyone is in hectic. The sky is supposed to fall down. Something hits the water tower which destroys half the city until it turns out that whatever hit Chicken Little on the head was an acorn and not a piece from the sky. Or was it?! Everyone belittle CL and then he gets press microphones shoved in his face and he completely tanks it. My heart. Even his dad is embarrassed by the whole thing.

One year later, there is a movie poster announcing the release of Crazy Chicken Little. Father an son are having a talk in the car and the dad essentially tells his son to lay low and not attract attention because the sky thing is still not calming down. Then he drops his son off and drives away.

Chicken Little tells himself it’s a new day but then he misses the school bus an has to run after it. Womp, womp. We get treated to a song montage and the title cards. CL is trying to get to school but has to overcome a lot of obstacles and also loses his pants in the process but he’s a resourceful lad.

It almost works and he makes himself a pair of pants out of math homework but then gets locked in his locker.

The whooly sheep teacher is taking attendance in his class and there is a whole bunch of weird animals all talking and walking. Even a fish out of water. But CL is missing.

Next lesson is PE and they’re playing dodgeball. I know we played a way easier version of this game, called Völkerball, in school. Every time I see kids playing dodge ball in a school on TV or the movies I cringe because it looks like one of the worst games ever. Especially when you’re neither good at catching or throwing like myself. Anyway.

We get further introduced to some of the key characters as Abby the Ugly Duckling, Runt of the Litter, a very overweight pig and a couple of other animal!teens. A little late, Chicken Little makes it into gym and starts chatting with Abby. He wants to do something great to impress his dad but Abby tells him to get closure and just talk to his father about the sky falling down incident. He doesn’t take the advice though.

Most kids in that class are the worst and they treat CL really despicably. I didn’t expect much else but it still hurts my feelings. Then Chicken Little accidentally releases the fire alarm and the teacher is far from pleased.

Later, the dad gets yelled at by the principal and Chicken Little has to hear how the principal tells his dad that his son is so different from his father and no star athlete and all. It’s so sad to watch. CL just sads his way home and ugh, my feels.

In the car on the way home, Chicken Little offers to try out for baseball but his father doesn’t think he has it in him. Mostly I guess because he is so little.

There is a sad song playing as they both get home and CL goes to his bedroom. The dad tells a family picture which he addresses with Chloe (I assume his deceased wife) that it would all be different if she were there to help him. Awwww.

Some later day, Chicken Little is at the baseball training or try outs, I’m not sure but everyone is obviously better than him. He doesn’t even get a real glove. His friends are watching though and later helping him train and becoming better even though nobody on the team gives him a chance.

Then, one big important game towards the end of the baseball season, all the good players are out of injured and whatnot so CL has to step up to the plate. The coach tells him not to swing an his father is there being embarrassed by his kid. Chicken Little strikes out twice but he is so determined to prove himself to his father that he hits the ball on the third try and everyone is beyond surprised. He first runs into the wrong direction but everyone cheers for him and he nearly makes it to home base but is out. I don’t understand baseball but wait, he actually touches the plate which means the team won and CL is a hero!! His dad is so proud!

Back home, Chicken Little sings Queen’s We Are The Champions in his bedroom and it’s adorable. His dad comes in to reenact the game with him and they have a good time. It’s sweet. It’s almost giving me cavities which means it can’t last.

Out of the blue, a piece of the sky falls down and into CL’s bedroom. He makes a lot of commotion but when his dad comes in, he hides the piece of sky.

It turns out it’s some weird cloaking plate, it can recreate every surface to blend in. Brilliant.

Cut to karaoke night at Abby’s where she and Runt sing Wannabe by the Spice Girls. I love this song and have loved it since I first heard it back in the 90s. Good choice! Anyway, CL phones to inform Abby he has a part of the sky in his bedroom and the friends come over.

When they’re all at the house inspecting the thing, Fish ends up on top of it and gliding away into the night sky. You can only see his neon glowstick and that’s what the gang follows until they’re in the stadium.

There, the winds pick up and a little tornado forms, eventually a spaceship lands and weird light bulb thingies get out and start roaming the ground. The gang get inside to retrieve Fish but they also find a weird three eyed orange animal. Also inside, after finding Fish, Runt finds a map of the known galaxy with a whole bunch of planets crossed out and the earth circled. They naturally think this is to mean the aliens came to destroy our planet. They plan to go and tell this to Chicken Little’s dad.

But they get followed by the weird light bulb thingies. Also, the orang thing left the space ship with the gang. Since they’re being followed and the nearest thing is the school bell, they are going to ring it and alarm all the people. I’m sure this will go splendidly.

CL has to get into the tower since it’s locked and he has a brief moment of anxiety and flashbacks of what happened the last time. But when he sees Abby being clawed at by the aliens, he get over himself and alarms the population. Apparently the aliens don’t like the sound of bells.

Before the people can get there through, the aliens flee back to their space ship and it looks again like CL made a fool of himself. Why the rest of the gang didn’t speak up for him is beyond me because they saw what went on as well. CL’s dad is asked to join his son’s side but he doesn’t and it makes me really, really sad. As is the poor boy.

Abby suggests CL should just talk to his dad but before anything can happen, the orange creature appears and bonds with them. Fish translate the weird talk and apparently its name is Kirby and the aliens are his parents who just left without him.

Next up, the alien parents call for backup to invade the earth. Everyone tries to flee but CL tells his dad it’s just a rescue mission for Kirby. He doesn’t believe at first but CL puts his foot down or something. It’s the End of The World (As We Know It) by R.E.M. plays as CL and Kirby end up in the movie theatre where soon thereafter, CL and his dad have a heart to heart, finally. CL tells him all that’s bothering him and his dad gets all sad. His dad apologises and tells him he does love him. Hoo boy.

They decide to return Kirby but CL has to plant a kiss on Abby first, which makes the ugly duckling go all crazy.

Chicken Little comes up with a ridickity plan to return Kirby and for once, his dad is on board and the succeed. HUZZAH! It gets a bit messed up at first but then Kirby tells his parents that it was all an accident and everything is okay again.

As it turns out, the Kirby family stops by Oaky Oaks or whatever the town is called every year to collect acorns and earth is the only planet with those things hence the map. The sky plate has been falling off the space ship for a while now. Okay. Everyone is happy.

Sometime later, the Chicken Little movie is released in the cinema but it’s totally different and the protagonist is a hero. Everyone is happy and it’s amazing.

The end.

I really liked this movie. I often get bored with the Disney movies halfway through but this one had me interested most of the time. The story was good as was the animation and the music choice.All legit. Apparently the movie was a box office hit but a critical dilemma, well, I for one liked it a lot.


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  • cupitonians

    I love CL. I watched it twice in the theatre and bought the DVD as well. There’s just something so adorable about all of them!

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      It really was a sweet movie!