2014 – a year in review

I briefly considered giving this post a different title than the one last year but ended up just changing the year because I like small traditions and maybe this can become one. And really, it’s a year in review post.

Also, this one goes up on the second to last day of 2014 because the last day is a wednesday and that means a Disney review is hitting the blog.

I’m not sure I remember all the things I did this year but a lot of them were internet-y things that led to me meetings a whole bunch of internet people IRL which was amazing! Maybe I shouldn’t exactly break down my year chronologically, at least not completely but in sections. Real people first.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sweeney, Ploge, Laura and Mari in Paris in July. It was only a very short stay for me but I’d do it again in a heartbeat! In September I went to London for the second time in a couple of months to meet up with Kirsti. You can read more about that here. In between those happenings, Vanessa visited me in my little German town and we hung out. Sadly, the weather wasn’t that agreeing with what I had planned. And last but not least I traveled to Canada to meet up with Vanessa and also spend my birthday in the Great White North. I haven’t done a whole post on it and maybe I won’t but here, have some video of me talking about it:

I think that were the most epic moments of my 2014 because friends. Meeting friends. There’s not much better than that.

I did VEDA again. I didn’t do NaNoWriMo again because of traveling and usual life craziness. However, I joined Netgalley in January to get ARCs of books and have been reading more again and also spamming this blog with book reviews. If that isn’t your thing, sorry not sorry. I love books. In October I finally caved and joined Goodreads for good. I once tried a couple of years ago but didn’t know what to do with it then. This time around, I’m there to stay. Not every book I read gets a blog post but they will all get a GR review, so follow me on there if you use the site as well and we aren’t friends already. Do it now, I’ll wait until you come back.

Okay, thanks. I’m also not going to update the Books I Read page with every book anymore, just the ones I post a review on the blog coming 2015 because it’s too much effort in my opinion. And GR is much easier for tracking all my books than the page is.

As far as Disney movies go, I have now watched more than I still have to watch and I shall be finished sometime in June 2015. HUZZAH! It was quite a ride! The first movie I watched in 2014 was Peter Pan which was released in 1953. The last review that will go up on New Year’s Eve will be Chicken Little from 2005. I made it through 52 years in Disney history in one year! You can find links to all the movie posts here.

And finally, I started last year with the memory jar thing I saw on tumblr but I also barely remembered writing any good memories down this year so I don’t think I will continue to do it in 2015 but for continuity’s sake, here are the four things that Past!Me thought important enough to remember the happy memory jar for.


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