‘Fairwil’ by Alysia Gray Painter

This post is more about the whole Wilfair series and only partly about the last book ‘Fairwil’ which the lovely author was nice enough to give me an ARC of. So firstly, let me redirect you to the authors blog for future reference and all. It’s a kind thing to do on the interwebs. Also, AGP is hilarious and lovely. I said that already.

Okay then. I plowed my way through the series in the last month and it was the best way to end the year because it’s hella quirky but also one of the most adorable series I have ever read. I don’t think I have ever read a series or any book like it before which is a pretty unique compliment, I think, since every story has been told in one way or another before.

Basically, 19 year old hotel heiress Fair Finley needs to steal a pool from her slightly older motel cousin neighbours who’s mothers have suddenly disappeared. Okay, this sounds lame but I don’t want to say too much in case you decide to give the series a chance and are getting spoiled! Who wants that? I mean, I usually do so if you are so inclined, check out my Goodreads page for a review of every book.

The series book titles are all names of the various hotels and motels the Finley and the Overbove (motel guys) families own. Wilfair is the one Fair runs. From her window, she can watch the Montgomery siblings working the Fairwil motel every day. The Redwoodian is another Finley family hotel where the whole gang, consisting of Monty Overbove, Gomery Overbove, Sutton Van Hunt (my fictional girlfriend if anyone asks) and Fair Finley, get snowed inĀ in the Redwoodian on their way to the Stay Awhile cabins owned by the Overbove family. It’s magical and lovely and if you didn’t think talking about boilers could be sexy, well, after this series you will definitely know better.

Fair is a very complex, quirky, loveable character who sees the most growth throughout the series. In the beginning, she is more of an empty figurehead, thrown into her parents business without really knowing what to do, diffusing every situation by giving out complementary fruit baskets. She felt very authentic and also, I could identify way too well with her. But as she and the reader make their way through the books, she takes charge of her own life and decisions. I dig that like whoa!

Essentially, it’s a love story wrapped in magical realism and coming off age. It’s squee-tasctic in a lot of places and drops truth bombs whenever needed. I marked so many passages throughout the series because they were either hilarious, amazingly adorable or felt way too applicable to my own life.

It’s not an insta-love story which is very welcome. The characters really take their time but it’s not boring or anything. In fact, it makes it even better. There are also no love triangles or crooked smiles. There are dimples and forearms and old timey words and people who yell ‘yell’. I guess, what I’m saying is, it’s original and the characters feel very real despite the unreal world they are living in.

I’m going to give a spoilers ahead warning since I’ll be dropping a couple of lines on ‘Fairwil’ so um, read more break, be advised. For everyone I’m losing here, go check out those books, they’re pretty cheap on Amazon and they will be worth every penny. (Apparently that read more thing doesn’t work the way I anticipated it would so, umm, potential spoilers below the picture.)

‘Fairwil’ is long but the perfect conclusion to the series. Everything wraps up nicely and we finally get that diving board scene.

It makes me proud to see the new and improved Fair who takes charge of her own life. I know I keep repeating myself but it’s amazing. Also, The World’s Basement gets further explained and also resolved which was nice.

Now that I’m sitting here, I don’t really know what to say about this book. It leaves you with lots of warm fuzzy feelings and you may hold your eReader close to your heart after finishing it because you’re not yet ready to let go of all those characters.

I loved that Hannah and Rosa got a little more mention in this and in my head, they are becoming good friends with Gomery and Fair. I want them to have more double dates and do fun stuff together.

I hardly ever mention all the other characters which are equally as amazing. Thurs Mathers, he is a surprise in this book and Clementine is awesome. I would want her on my Life Advisory Board as well. And Sutton, and her Grandma. I’m a sucker for cool Grandmas since my own is one of the most loveliest persons I have ever met and I need to stop thinking about it or I will cry for real. Again.

I get feels for days just thinking about what happens in the series and especially this book. And I want to hang out with the characters, become friends with them and travel all the weird hotels and motels the two families own. I want to see The World’s Basement and travel via cup. I’m rambling, sorry but it’s all rainbow muffin chocolate cake puppies fantastic. Perfect ending to the series from where I’m standing.

Oh, and one more thing. In the beginning, I wasn’t too into the Finley parents but they vastly improved once they came off monitether. I loved how understanding and supportive they were of their kids and *sigh* I love everything. Everything is perfect and nothing hurts when I think of this series and this book especially.

If I had to chose a favourite book, it would be the Redwoodian though, I think. The packed hotel and Gomery and Fair getting closer, it reminded me so much of my own high school days and such, it is my favourite but not by a lot. They are all pretty close together. Enough rambling.

Again, a huge thank you to Alysia Gray Painter for the ARC!

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