Disney (Wednes)Day: Pooh’s Heffalump Movie

I think this is the fourth Pooh movie that I have watched for this project and so far, I have loved them all. This film was released in 2005. Let’s get started.

The film begins with a song about the 100 acre wood, Christopher Robin and all the things we have to come and know (and love) over the past couple of movies. Then Pooh voice overs about his favourite memories. But then, a stranger came to the woods, we hear a strange sound and the title card appears.

Our favourite honey loving bear is in bed where he hears the strange sound. (I know it’s an elephant sounds because I spent my youth listening to radio plays with a speaking elephant as the protagonist.) Anyway, he ends up with his head in a jar of honey.

Piglet hears it too and gets nervous because it’s his default state of being, I guess. Tigger gets out of bed as well and so do Roo and Kanga. The latter discuss the strange noise but don’t get too far as a disheveled Pooh passes their house. As do Tigger and Piglet, they’re all going to Rabbit’s house because they think he’ll know what to do.

As it turns out, Rabbit has no idea that something even happened so the others are dying to tell him so they take turns explaining. Then Roo finds some weird circle shaped prints on the floor. They’re elephant footprints but the other’s don’t know yet. But boom, they call it a heffalump and get very panicky.

Roo, bless his little innocent heart, doesn’t know what a heffalump is though so they explain. Through song and it involves some pink elephant magic not completely unlike we saw in Dumbo.  All I know after this though, they are all very scared of the heffalump.

Adventurous little Roo wants to see them and an expedition is suggested! So naturally our friends are doing some lasso practice so they can capture the evil monsters. Only, they all fail and don’t capture the barrel, all except Roo. He, however, is told he can’t come with them because he is too young. Awww, poor little Roo!

Back home, Roo and Kanga have a very sweet mother son moment about growing up and all that. They give me lots of feels. Always do. Kanga is such a sweet mother! Anyway, she tells Roo that growing up doesn’t happen all at once, it takes time. We get to hear Kanga sing a goodnight song to Roo as we see their nighttime routine. SO SWEET! It is giving me emotional cavities!

The next morning, Roo is stealing away going to find himself a heffalump! The other four are also on their way for the expedition. Oh, and Eeyore is with them, carrying, what seems, all of their belongings including a grandfather clock.

Roo drops his rope in a river and goes after it to catch it, we hear a sucking sound that steals his apples from his bag. But we don’t see anything. When Roo realises the heffalump stole it and gets a bit frightened.

Next up, he finds a barn to go in where he hears noises but can’t see. He is utterly terrified when it turns out a little heffalump is there and wants to play with Roo. The kid!heffalump has a very british accent which is adorable. It turns out Lumpy, that’s his/her/its name is not scary at all and just wants to play.

Cut to Piglet and Pooh. Piglet has been leaving behind jelly beans so they can find their way out if the woods only Pooh has been eating them all. Womp, womp.



Lumpy gets called by its mother and wants to leave but Roo persuades it to come with him first to meet Roo’s friends.

Then the heffalump mother sees some smaller footprints and calls again but no answer.

Rabbit is utilising his heffalump calling noises to try and attract a heffalump. The only they he and Tigger attrack though is Pooh and Piglet who think that Rabbit’s calling is a real heffalump. *faceplam*

When Roo and Lumpy reach the fence that separates heffalump woods from Pooh Woods, Lumpy doesn’t want to go any further because it heard terrible things about the people living there just as Pooh and the others had heard terrible things about heffalumps. #justsaying

Roo, however, tells it his friends are nice and it won’t have to be afraid of anything. So onwards they go to visit Roo’s friends. Who we know, are all in heffalump county. They go through al the empty houses causing havoc. They end up playing and eating all of Rabbit’s vegetables, he will not be happy upon seeing this!!

In order to clean themselves sup after their mischief, they are going swimming to clean themselves up. Another sweet song plays.

Up until this moment, Roo has still had a rope around Lumpy’s neck but he lets it go now because Lumpy isn’t scary and is a friend and not a foe. SWEET!

In the meantime, the others have returned to their homes and have seen the destruction. They are far from happy. They’re going to set up a trap and this isn’t going to end well.

The heffalump mother is again calling for Lumpy so they go back. But they get lost and Lumpy is all sad! And then they realise they haven’t heard the mother call in a long time and Lumpy starts crying so Roo starts singing to it which is cute but can only do so much when you want your mother. FEELS!

Roo decides they have to go see Kanga, she will know what to do but she/Roo/someone other than Lumpy (?) gets trapped and is really scared. OH NO! Lumpy runs away and ends up in another trap. My heart!

Too finds it and tries to break Lumpy out of there. The others can’t understand this. Just then, Kanga intervenes, telling the others to let Roo explain. In the process, Roo slips off a cliff and ends up in a pile of tree trunks. It’s really scary. They can’t get him out so Lumpy tries and tries to make a sound to call its mother. After a while, it finally works and Mrs. Heffalump arrives to save Roo! HUZZAH!

Everyone is save and happy and has learned a valuable lesson, namely that people aren’t what the popular opinions about them are making them out to be. It’s an important lesson and I love the Pooh movies for them.

The end.

Like I already started saying in the last paragraph, I love the messages of the movies. All of them. They are always important and heartfelt.

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  • Tim

    I didn’t realize there was a fourth Pooh movie made. I may have to find this and watch it.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Yep, there is a fourth and it’s cute as always. Though I think the piglet movie is my favourite.