Disney (Wednes)Day: The Incredibles

Finally a Disney movie I have heard of, again. The Incredibles was released in 2004, only 10 years ago. It’s funny it’s still taking me half a year to recap my way through the last 10 years worth of Disney movies but alas. I also don’t understand why they renamed the movie in Germany and then went with an English title. Sense, this doesn’t any make.

The film starts with what looks like a TV interview. Mr. Incredible is being interviewed, as are two other super heroes, a woman and a black guy. Mr. Incredible doesn’t sound all too happy with his superhero being and is thinking about quitting, the other two aren’t two.


Title cards.

Gun fire in the streets. Mr. Incredible hears as much and gets changed in his car while his car is driving on autopilot. This is some advanced technology, yo! Anyway, he has to stop on his way to the crime and help an old lady get her cat out of a tree. Because he is amazing and a superhero, he helps her.

A weird fan club kid, Incrediboy (IDK how to spell his name and wikipedia isn’t any help) lets himself in the car and wants to help Mr. I. He however, isn’t having any of it and throws the boy out, much to the young lads dismay.

As the thief after whichMr. Incredible was after, is eying is theft stuff, Mr. I appears behind him and fights the guy. Just then, Elastigirl, she is super flexible (not a euphemism, get your mind out of the gutter), gets in on the action and she and Incredible flirt. It’s really cute.

Just as they are done with one perp, a guy is jumping off the opposite skyscraper and Incredible jumps in to save him, crashing into the wall of windows. Inside he hears beeping and before he can do anything about it, a wall explodes and out walks another bad guy with stolen goodies from a vault. My oh my, this city is almost as bad as Gotham but way better lit.

Incrediboy appears to make things more difficult. As they fight, the perp goes on robbing. Then Incredible has to stop a train from crashing to the ground. There is SO MUCH going on! He sends Incrediboy home and rushes off somewhere.

Next we see him in a suit heading inside a church where a wedding is about to commence. Just as I think if he might be the groom it is revealed that he is. His bride?! Elastigirl!! AWESOME! I really like her. I love strong women, damn it! They banter while the minister officiates their wedding and it’s adorable. They are adorbs.

In the news, Mr. Incredible is getting sued. I’m not sure for what but it’s a BIG deal! It all culminates in the superheroes having to live secret lives now and undergoing a superhero relocation program. It’s a lot like witness protection. The Incredibles are now living like mere mortals among mere mortals.

Cut to Bob (Mr. Incredible) working a boring insurance desk job. He looks almost like he would hang himself soon, that’s him miserable he is. His wife calls, they have kids now so we did jump considerably into the future. Helen (Elastigirl) is ecstatic because she finally unpacked their last box which means they are finally really moved in. Bob could show some interest but he doesn’t get it.

After the call, Bob gives the old lady client tips on how to conquer the insurance bureaucracy even though he shouldn’t. It’s sweet. Then his boss appears because apparently his clients have super great insurance knowledge, they’re not supposed to have. He is not pleased at all.

Helen is at school because one of their kids misbehaved. I didn’t understand this at first but their son, Dash, can move REALLY fast so he put a tick on his teacher’s chair in class. It’s all caught on tape but you can barely see the boy move. The principal excuses Dash but Helen is far from pleased with this.

Dash’s sister, Violet, meanwhile is nurturing her crush on a boy at school. She looks very mousy and goth at the same time.

As Bob is driving home after work, he is letting his anger out on the car, Just before he is about to completely destroy it, a little neighbour kid is watching him and he can’t do anything because it would reveal his super powers. I wonder if there are superheroes living amongst us in our world as well.

At the dinner table that evening, it’s normal family stuff. Helen wants Dash to tell his dad about what happened in school, whereas he teases Violet about the boy. It’s very endearing!

In the newspaper, Bob then reads about some longtime superhero rights advocate disappearing without a clue. That gets his interest. The doorbell rings and it’s Frozone, their ex-superhero buddy whom I neglected to really mention before. He can shoot ice out of his hands and skate on it. it’s an odd superpower. The men are going bowling, sure sure. Whatever they need to tell themselves.

Cut to the guys sitting in a car listening to the police scanner. Frozone isn’t happy about this but they rush off when they hear about a fire somewhere downtown. A blonde woman is spying on them and I’m not sure how this will turn out.

The guys are rescuing people from the burning building but there isn’t a way out and the hot air has left Frozone without enough water to ice his way out of their. They manage to get out and into a jewellery store where the alarm goes off. Oh brother. A police officers is directly there but Frozone gets a drink from a conveniently nearby water fountain, filling up some of his inner body water reservoir and icing that cop so that they can escape.

Back at home, Helen is waiting up for Bob and they argue like married couples sometimes do. The kids are listening in on this and after the parents assure them, everything is okay, they all head to bed.

At work the next day (maybe, I guess it’s the next day, who knows), Bob is called into his boss’ office. I’m not sure what goes wrong exactly but not only is Bob fired, also his handler tells him, they can’t relocate the family again.

In Bob’s study, he finds a tablet with some super awesome screening technology. A secure message is transmitted and Bob is called into action as superhero. It’s the blonde woman from before on the other end of the line. She gives him instructions. Of course he doesn’t tell Helen a thing, ugh!

At HQ, Bob is getting further instructions. They drop him on some weird island in a jungle with a learning robot to defeat. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a test or what but okay.

However, Bob manages to shut down the robot but letting it turn against itself. Very clever! Blondie is very impressed and the two have dinner. I can only hope he stays faithful to his wife, Elastigirl doesn’t deserve being cheated on.

Back at home, we see he is in a better mood, flirting with Helen again and helping more around the house while also secretly going on various missions he gets apparently paid for because he has a new car at some point.

One day, Bob drives to a high security house where a small woman with an accent lives. She apparently makes superhero suits and since he ripped his current one on a mission needs a patch up. She, being also bored out of her mind with the lack of superhero activity, offers to make him a new and modern suit.

Back home, Helen finds a blonde hair on Bob’s suit, then he gets a call and she listens in on the mission call. She doesn’t say anything when he leaves. Ob boy.

Helen sees the patched up superhero suit in Bob’s study and puts things together. There is only one person she knows whom he would trust with this sort of mending so she calls the woman who invites Helen over in a heartbeat.

Bob has to fight another weird robot when a strange guy appears. OMG it’s grown up Incrediboy only he doesn’t seem like he grew up a nice fellow. He tries to kill Bob but Bob’s a real superhero so that’s not easy at all. He ends up hiding in a cave while some small drone tells Syndrome (Incrediboy) that Bob os terminated. Womp, womp.

At the tailor lady, Helen learns all about her husbands new adventures. The lady has also designed new suits for the entire family which is cool but also creepy.

Bob has to make his way over the island without anyone noticing. Just as he is learning valuable intel on what happened to all the superheroes that were, Helen activated the homing device which is built into the suits. Immediately, the lights go on and Bob is revealed. He gets captured!

Helen decides to go after Bob, she leaves the kids alone with Violet in charge. Meanwhile Bob is being tortured.

On the plane, Helen finds the kids have sneaked inside. They are getting shot out of the sky as they are closing in on the island. The family make there way to the shore after ending up on the ocean. Helen leaves the kids in a  cave, she gives Violet some uplifting words about how the girl will know what to do when the time comes. Then she is gone looking for Bob.

In the cave, Dash goes exploring and nearly gets grilled when a rocket is launched. I don’t remember the relevance of that rocket…

After some A+ bamfing, Helen and Bob are reunited. They only have to go after the kids now who are suddenly the target of Syndrome and his merry men. But the kids can fight well for themselves.

It takes LONG time for them to fight everyone off but they are reunited at once. But it’s not the end as syndrome now captures the whole family and goes off to kill people so he can appear as a hero by saving them. Some sick twisted logic!

The Incredibles manage to free themselves though and go after Syndrome. Frozone comes out of the woodwork as well.

Syndrome has unleashed a learning robot on the mortals but the robot is turning against him because he underestimated the thing. HA!

Incredibles to the rescue! They realise as much and use the robot to terminate itself and save the people.

Just as it seems like everything can calm down, Syndrome has captured the Incredibles’ baby but even the baby has super powers and frees itself. Syndrome gets killed and all is well, kinda.

Sometime later, the family is at a track meet, cheering Dash on. It’s cute. Violet has transformed into a young and confident girl who isn’t too shy to flirt with her crush. I love it!

Just after the meet, a new villain appears but by then, the superheroes are back in society and everything is good.

The end.

I absolutely loved The Incredibles! It was about damn time Disney had another good movie. It was fresh and the story was something we hadn’t seen before. I also love the way the family fought together and basically everything about this. The transformations of character, the animation, the story, all around win. Would definitely watch it again!

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  • Tim

    This is one of my favorite Disney movies ever. I can’t stand most superhero films (most of them are way too predictable), but this was just an enjoyable, funny movie.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      I enjoyed it a lot myself which I was hoping I would.

  • This is such a good one! I love all of the family members and their dynamics. It’s definitely about them bonding and stuff which is so cool. And I love the baby! He’s so awesome!

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Yes, exactly! It has a very nice storyline and I’m pretty sure every generation (having to) watching this can relate to one of the characters. Baby is awesome, Mom is awesome, all are awesome.

  • Return to the ’80s (Paul)

    I loved The Incredibles! This is probably one of my favorite Pixar films. It was a great story and great characters.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      It really does have a great story and I think it’ll be one of my favourites.

  • cupitonians

    I love the incredibles. I’m confused about renaming it as there is actually a movie called Meet the Robinsons, which I also loved. Trailer here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S396-fnLldk

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Oh my god, I just realised I made a giant mistake. They are actually not renamed Meet the Robinsons but Die Unglaublichen. I totally tanked the intro, haha. Must edit later.