Bletchley Circle

It’s no surprise I like me some good British drama on TV. Especially when it has strong women as their lead characters. I don’t know what it is about Britain, but they do come up with some fantastic shows and since most of their seasons are rather short in comparison to the standard American format of roundabout 22 episodes, they seem to be producing greater quality. Not that I want to diss all American made TV shows, there are some gems right there but I hope you get what I was saying.

Anyway, back to the topic. When Netflix finally launched in Germany last week a while ago, I scrolled through their (albeit still smallish) library and put a lot of things on my watchlist. I started with Bletchley Circle becausemy friend Vanessa recommended it and it had fewer episodes than Call the Midwife. So there I sat, watching the pilot episode set in post WW2 Britain and I was stunned.

The show centers around four very bright women who worked for the government during the war. They were at Bletchley Park, decrypting German war interceptions and they were brilliant at it. Now that the war is over, they have to reconcile their lives with the typical roles of women from that era. WW1 had helped women’s rights out a lot since men were off to war and all but in general, women were still considered to be stay at home wives once the wars were over. But this is not enough for these four women who helped to make a difference during WW2 and were now pushed back into playing dumb. It also didn’t help they were bound to The Secrecy Act and can’t tell anyone what they did, not even their significant others, if they have them.

This was such a smart and compelling show. Every episode grabbed me and I couldn’t look away and not in a train wreck happening kind of way. To some extend, I could identify with these women or at least understand why they were struggling so much in the post war era. It was better for women but when you did significant work and then have to return to a life of anything but significance on a large scale, that’s hard to swallow.

The women on the show couldn’t have been more different but in a way, that’s part of the brilliance of it. And mostly, they showed women being friends with one another, joining forces and supporting each and and first and foremost, this is a female lead show with mostly female characters and female issues.

Having to deal with misogyny both at home and on a professional level. I loved every minute of it and wished there were more episodes of this show than the few that were produced.

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