Disney (Wednes)Day: Piglet’s Big Movie

The second movie of 2003 is one from one of my favourite Disney franchises, Winnie Pooh. I have yet to see one I didn’t like. So let’s dive right in.

The film starts with a song about the general setting and all the characters so that audience members unfamiliar get the gist of it. The animals are either dressed up or involved in some weird commotion aside from Piglet.

Pooh is paper machéing a beehive because they have come up with a very elaborate way to get the honey out of the existing hive. All the bees will be trapped in the new hive and they can then take the honey from he real one. Oh Pooh, your love for honey is one of my favourite OTPs.

Sadly, Piglet isn’t allowed to be part of this plan, not sure why, maybe because he is so small?! Obviously the plan doesn’t go as planned because we are in Pooh-land. Piglet steps up and helps them succeed but nobody recognises his effort and I get the SADZ for him.

We get a sad song about Piglet wishing to be bigger and the bees break out of their fake hive so the others have to run and leave the honey behind. Serves you right. They all hide at Piglet’s house except for Piglet. He is gone and nowhere to be found.

Tigger finds a scrapbook with drawings of Piglet and the others, all memories of their time together. It’s so sweet.


They decide to take it as a map to find Piglet. Their first stop is at Owl.

Cut to Piglet somewhere I can’t tell where. It doesn’t really matter and the story gets back to the other at Owl’s. Apparently Piglet did pass by a while ago and then Owl starts monologuing for EVER so the gang leaves to continue their search.

Next up is Kanga and we get the story of how Kanga and Roo first got to the 100 acre woods. Apparently the others were scared of the new guys at first even though Kanga was extremely lovely. They exchange Piglet with Roo so that Piglet can spy on Kanga and make sure she isn’t a serial killer? I don’t know. Anyway, Kanga is too smart and sees through it but plays along, treating Piglet like Roo and it’s sweet and adorable and can Kanga please be my mom?

In the end, Piglet tells the others that Kanga is in fact very nice and they become friends. Awwwww.

Cut to the real time where they are at Kanga’s but Piglet isn’t there. Roo wants to come look for Piglet and off they go into another memory. It’s about going to the North Pole.

Christopher Robin is there and all they do is run around, singing songs and it’s hella adorable. Just like this entire movie and oh my feels.

Back in real time, the gang finds Piglet’s scarf and also a storm is coming. This doesn’t sound good. Next up, the Pooh Corner story.

Pooh and Piglet are walking around in the snow, singing a song. They are freezing and want to build a house. Tigger bounces by and together they go looking for sticks. They find some but have trouble actually building a house. Pooh and Tigger run into Christopher Robin and Eeyore. Eeyore tells them about his house and it’s clear that was the pile of sticks the others found earlier. Womp, womp. But fear not because Piglet is there to safe the day. He built a house out of the sticks and Eeyore is only confused why his house is at a different site then where he built it. No biggie though. I only have one question about this and it is why is CR wearing shorts in the snow?

The gang is still looking and it’s starting to rain. One of the drawings gets rained upon and blurs. Tigger and Rabbit fight over what to do next and the scrapbook flies into the river. As it is raining, they go back to Piglet’s house to warm up and wait. It’s serene. They feel bad or losing the book so they draw many pictures of all their Piglet memories, plastering them over the walls. I may actually start crying over all my Piglet feels in this episode. Gosh, Disney!





Done drawing, they head out again looking for Piglet. They do not find him but his book. In order to get it though, Pooh balances over a trunk and falls down. The others try to save him but can’t because their rescue rope isn’t long enough. Just then, Piglet swoops in to save Pooh. HUZZAH!

But it’s not the end yet because Pooh and Piglet aren’t save. The trunk breaks in half and the others think they fell down the waterfall but nope, they are safe. They all apologise for losing the scrapbook but Piglet is forgiving as ever. Especially when he sees all the drawings the others did for him. They party just like they did in the Tigger Movie.

The end.

You guys, I loved this movie, like I have loved all Pooh movies until this point. They are so sweet and I adore the characters. They always come with good messages, as does this one. Piglet feels insignificant and the others don’t treat him with respect because he is so small and always scared but throughout the movie it shows that Piglet is actually the hero of most of their stories. And Piglet realises, that his friends actually respect him. It goes both ways and it’s an important thing to remember. You may feel insignificant yourself but even the smallest member is important and loved. Sigh.

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  • Tim

    The Pooh movies are always great choices. While I don’t recall liking the Piglet movie quite as much as the Tigger movie, I also realize that’s because I loved Tigger as a kid, so I’m sure that helped develop my bias. I mean, Tiggers are wonderful things, after all.

    • Wilhelmina Upton

      Tiggers are the most wonderful things. The Pooh movies are in general awesome and so far, I have loved them all.