‘Remember When’ by T. Torrest

‘Remember When’ is part of a YA trilogy because obviously, it seems everything is a trilogy these days. Now I only read the first book so far and I’m actually not sure if I will read the rest.

The story os cute enough. Layla (and yes, I went through a heavy Eric Clapton phase in High School so yay for the name) lives in a typical (I assume) New Jersey town where super hot Trip starts his senior year sharing a number of classes with Layla. Now obviously the two of them feel an instant connection but it takes a while to get together because it’s the plot of every romance novel. I’m sorry if I sound like a cynic because I love these kinds of stories. I’ve read lots and lots of them.

Layla has been raised by her father since her mother ran out on her when she was just a kid. Obviously this has effected her whole being which is something I can deeply relate to.

It’s just…sometimes the story was a bit too flat for me. This is highly subjective but it centred too much on Trip and Layla. There were secondary characters but they were too little at times for me. Their characters weren’t important enough in the story.

The book wasn’t bad but it also didn’t charm me off me seat. It drizzled away and I couldn’t really see what separated this one from other books in the genre. There was nothing special, nothing unique – at least to me – in it. I wish I could have liked it more but nope, sorry.

Maybe it was also that I didn’t understand Trip’s deal. I get there are two more books that maybe will explore this more but ugh, I expected more. The ending didn’t leave me satisfied for this book. He was a gorgeous boy who realised he loved acting. Umm, okay. He is made out to be this complicated, fascinating being and I just didn’t feel it.

To summarise, it was a decent book but not something that made me want to squee with delight. Their romance was cute but the whole story was too much centred on these two characters. There was hardly any B and C plots.

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